Koutelos Beach Crete: A small beach located about 75 km south of Chania town and 4 km west of Frangokastello village in Chania region. Koutelos is a remote place, ideal to enjoy total privacy and solitude. With pebbles and clean water, It is not organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. The closest facilities are found in Frangokastello, which is gradually developing as a nice tourist resort.

Koutelos is a calm, unorganized beach with large round pebbles, near the village Nomikiana. It is located about 9km east of Chora Sfakion, 4km west of Frangokastello and 76km south of Chania.

Chania Koutelos Beach

To get to the beach from Sfakia, take the road to Frangokastello and shortly after Vouvas and Nomikiana, take the road on the beach. There is also a sign to Koutelos. Beach is worth a visit, especially if you live in the region, but you should not come solely for this beach. You can combine your visit to Fragokastelo with a visit to Koutelos for quiet moments or eat at the fish tavern.

You can eat at the traditional fish tavern of Perogiorgis, which is located on the beach and stay in the few rooms next to it. Moreover, on the beach there are a few tamarisk trees, under which you can find shade. Next to the beach, you can visit the cave of Anapsis or camp at the small bay of Pera Koutelos west of the main beach. Between Koutelos and Vatalos beach, there are the rocky beaches of Psilou Roumi Cape.

Chania Koutelos Beach

Some meters west of Koutelos beach, there is the secluded beach of Leska. Its name means “Steep Place” or “trap” in Cretan dialect and is taken after the steep cliffs around the beach. It is a pebbly beach with sand in some places, while on the west there is a very small cove with stony seabed. It can be accessed mainly on boat, as walking along the coast from this beach is risky due to the collapsing grounds and the high cliffs.