Koviou beach Halkidiki: The secluded beach of Koviou is located 40 km south east of Nikiti and it is a perfect place to relax, particularly if you are looking to experience nature at its best without the trappings of mass tourism. The beach is not organized and tourists have to carry their own umbrellas, loungers, drinking water and refreshments. Like most beaches in Sithonia, the Koviou is a mixture of green and blue with pine trees reaching out to touch the white sands and the waves. The road network is not as good as on Kassandra, but there is a small road leading to Koviou. The nearest accommodation option is at the resort at Nikiti which has plenty of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Halkidiki Koviou Beach

Koviou is a small bay wedged in the rocky coastline between Ai Yiannis and Kalogria, about 6km south of Nikiti. The water has a magnificent turquoise color; the sand on the beach is white and warm under the hot summer sun.

The place embraces you at the moment you get yourself into the water. The rocks with their low vegetation and the sporadic young pines match perfectly with the sandy beach and the calm water. This is a true relaxing beach not too much crowded even in high season.

Halkidiki Koviou Beach

To get there you have to leave your car at a parking aside the main road. Then you should take a path among the rocks in order to get down on the beach. It is not difficult to step down, however you should take care if you have children with you. The parking space there is limited and this is why the beach is not very crowded. People prefer the nearby beach of Kalogria which has more parking space and also a beach bar. Koviou is just the beach, the rocks and the sea. There are some umbrellas and beach chair but they are reserved for the customers of a nearby small hotel.

Halkidiki Koviou Beach

The beach features a splendid sun set during late afternoon. At that time the water is even more warm, the people on the beach are few, so it is recommended hour to be there.

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