Rhodes holidays in Greece at Kremasti village: Located 12 km southwest of Rhodes town. It is a tourist settlement that has developed rapidly and combines the tourist resort with the old village of the island. It is worth seeing the remains of the Medieval Castle and the impressive temple of Virgin Mary Kremasti.

The area offers many options for accommodations, food, shopping and entertainment. The visitors enjoy the sandy beach that begins from Kremasti and reaches Theologos. The access to Kremasti from the town of Rhodes is very easy. There are many taxis and public buses running frequently.

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Kremasti is a large village that has benefited from investment to modernise it, its proximity to Rhodes Town and the island’s main airport. The village can get extremely busy, particularly during peak tourist season. There is always activity, making it a good place for those in search of a lively place to visit. The village square is prettily surrounded by trees and is where you’ll find many good shops.

Even though Kremasti is packed with modern amenities it has still retained some of its traditional Rhodes charm. The early 19th century frescos of Asomatos Monastery are lovely and its history interesting. The main historic attraction of the village is the medieval fort ruins, which contain the Aghios Nikolaos monastery that dates back to the 15th century.

Every August one of the biggest religious festivals in Rhodes takes place on the 15th. Thousands of people from all over the Aegean Sea region make a pilgrimage to Kremasti for the festival that celebrates the Virgin Mary. During the festival the Pan Hellenic Handicrafts Exhibition is running. This two-week event has a fantastic selection of craft items produced by local people, including jewellery, leather goods, and art.

Weather for Rhodes Kremasti Village

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