Lalaria is situated on the north-eastern tip of the island and is a dream-like place of an incredible beauty with huge white cliffs rising out of the clear deep blue sea.

To the left of the white sandy beach is a rock forming a natural bridge between the sand and the sea with a hole in the middle composing a sort of submarine passage. The magnificent Blue and Dark caves are located just before Lalaria and are worth being visited by boat.

Maybe you dont believe it, but the photos that you see in post has not photo filter. This is exactly what your eyes will see while you get to Lalaria Beach if the sun is shining.

Important Notice: Port authorities on Skiathos support the campaign and in a plague warns visitors from removing pebble or stones from Lalaria beach. Visitors as well as owners of tourist boats and vessels are at risk to be fined with with 400 or even up to 1000 euros if they don’t comply with the directive to protect a landscape that causes .

Where is Lalaria Beach

How to get to Lalaria Beach

Ways to travel to Lalaria Beach, you need to find one of the many boats leaving from the old Skiathos’ port, that offer many different trips all around Skiathos and/or near greek islands.

This beach is made of white rounded pebbles, and it’s the only beach of this kind in Skiathos. The fact that you can get to Lalaria Beach only by boat (there’s no way to get there by car and no walkpath down the hill) helps to keep it kind of magic.

Lalaria Beach it’s a pretty unspoilt beach, so there are no services on place, remember to bring some water with you!

In Skiathos there are many boat trips

With the boat trips in Skiathos you can reach some of the following destinations, one or more with different combinations dependings on the tour and the company you choose:

  • Lalaria Beach, the white candy pebbles beach you saw in the picture;
  • Kastro Beach, another beach located in the North of Skiathos, small and sandy;
  • Tsougrias beach, a nice beach located on the little Tsougrias island, a few kilometers south-east from Skiathos;
  • Skopelos, another greek island in the Sporades archipelago, more natural and relaxed than Skiathos;
  • various other possibilities and combinations that you’ll find on the signs in front of the boats or that they will personally show you while walking in front of the port.
  • And now, let’s start with the things you need to pay attention to.

Wind of Skiathos

If you have a look at some reviews on Tripadvisor or similar websites about these boat tours, you’ll find plenty of bad reviews of people saying that the tour has been canceled or destination has changed without notice because boat crew said that sea and wind conditions wasn’t good enough to approach Lalaria beach.

Price of Boat Tours in Skiathos

For the classic Lalaria Beach 3 hours tour, you will pay approximate 12.50 euro.

Where to stay near to the Lalaria Beach

The 6 best hotels near beach of Lalaria in Skiathos.

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