Lefkimi Corfu Island: Lefkimi is the second largest town of Corfu, 40 km southern of the island. It is one of the most traditional villages of Corfu built amidst lush green surroudings, in the middle of a fertile plain full of olive trees and vineyards.

The village itself is quite picturesque with narrow streets and, tall houses, lovely squares and beautiful churches. Worth visiting in the town are the superb churches of Agioi Theodoroi and Agios Arsenios which are famous for there fine architecture. The port of Lefkimi serves daily ferries to Igoumenitsa.

Lefkimi is Corfu’s second largest town and is a joy to explore.
Located in the southernmost part of the island and is about 40 km from the airport.

Its narrow streets are lined with merchants’ mansions and cottages in various stages of renovation.
Sit by the river enjoying a meal or a drink and watch the world go by, then follow the river to the sea and have a swim.

There are several churches of interest here, including an Italianate one which dominates the upper town.
A well signposted road leads to the small harbour of Alikes (saltpans) where until recently horses toiled bringing the salt from the salt flats here to be processed.

This has now stopped and the old flats are now a spectacular wildlife sanctuary where flamingos, egrets and many migratory birds can be seen.

The harbour is still a base for local fishermen who land their catch there, and the nearby beach has several basic tavernas which offer a real Greek welcome.

Corfu Lefkimi Village

If you see people going out in the sea with rakes do not think they are mad, they are used to find the shellfish hiding in the sand.
The sea here is very shallow, warm, and sandy, perfect for children.

Lefkimi was the scene of an audacious rescue operation in World War 2 when a Lancaster bomber crashed.
Locals rescued the crew, hid them, and then led them across the occupied island to Kontokali where they were met by a British submarine.

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