Lipsi (Leipsoi, Lipsoi), one of the unknown islands in Greece, is located between the islands of Leros and Patmos. So, where is Lipsi, how to get there, things to do and see, what to do in Lipsi, beaches and villages, where to stay, hotels and accommodation and more.

In the southeast Aegean, east of Patmos and north of Leros , a small speck of land surrounded by 24 islets, forming a glittering necklace, awaits you for a dreamy holiday. It is Lipsi – mythical Ogygia – the island of goddess Kalypso.

With a hamlet that sweeps up on all sides like the tiers of an amphitheatre from a naturally protected bay, Lipsi has travelled through the centuries while still preserving its authentic culture. Today, it offers itself to visitors who want to escape and enjoy nature’s gift of peace and quiet in the company of the hospitable locals.

Amazing View Katsadia Bay Lipsi Island Dodecanese Greece
Amazing View Katsadia Bay Lipsi Island Dodecanese Greece

Enjoy swimming, diving and fishing in crystal clear waters of exceptional beauty. Wander along its alleyways, take in its sights, taste the local cuisine, live life the way locals do by participating in their celebrations which continue to cherish the values and customs of the island. A unique life experience is in store for you on a small island which radiates character and self-confidence.

Where is Lipsi

Lipsi, called also the Jewell of the Dodecanese is an archipelago of islands located in the south-eastern Aegean, between the islands of Leros and Patmos and takes its name from the largest island Lipsi or Lipsos.

Lipsi Island, Dodecanese, Greece
Where is Lipsi island?

How to get to Lipsi

There is no airport on the island of Lipsi. The closest airport is located on the neighboring island of Leros. Only domestic flights from Athens arrive in Leros and the flight time is 50 min. From Leros, visitors can take the ferry to Lipsi. In summer, there are also local ferries that connect Leros, Lipsi and Patmos.

There are ferries to Lipsi from the port of Piraeus in Athens 3 times per week. Due to the distance, this is a long trip that takes about 9 hours. There are also ferries to Lipsi from other islands of Dodecanese, such as Rhodes, Kos and Kalymnos. In summer, there is a local ferry that runs the route Patmos-Leros-Lipsi almost daily. In fact, many visitors arrive by plane in Leros and take the ferry to Lipsi from there.

Travel guide to Lipsi, Greece

Lipsi is a tiny island of Dodecanese, mostly frequented by naturists, campers and people who need totally relaxing holidays. The majority of beaches in Lipsi island are unorganized but all have crystal waters. Some beaches are accessible by foot through hiking paths from the main town, while others can be reached with the small bus that makes the tour of the island. Daily boats from the port go to the neighboring island of Thymena, an ideal place for naturism and total privacy.

Things to do and see in Lipsi

The wine festival

Viticulture is a time-honoured tradition in Lipsi. Their sweet wine is famous as it used to travel all the way to the Vatican to be used in the Holy Communion. The locals are really proud of their exquisite product and they arrange festivities during summer to celebrate it. If you are there, they will naturally offer you a glass or two and invite you to celebrate the circle of life with them with traditional songs and dances.

The feast of “Panagia tou Harou”

August 23rd is devoted to “Panagia tou Harou” and hundreds of visitors flock to the island to pay their respects to the miraculous icon in the church of the same name. The traditional feast, which starts with the Vespers on the beaches and the two big squares, lasts for twenty-four hours.

Wonderful, unspoilt beaches

A lattice-work of rocky outcrops and beaches with crystal clear waters, either sandy like Katsadia, Kampos, Tourkomnima, Platys Gialos and Lientou or pebbly like Hohlakoura, Xerokampos, Papantria and Monodendri, will offer you endless hours of rejuvenation and relaxation.

What to do in Lipsi

Explore the raw beauty of the landscape

On Lipsi not a day goes by without being able to experience something brand new and original. The twenty four islets that embrace it are “living museums of natural history” awaiting exploration. With their rich flora and fauna and their registration in the Natura 2000 catalogue, they make the ideal refuge for the Μonachus-monachus seal, sea turtles as well as Eleonora’s falcons, herring gulls and other rare birds, whose nests occupy every eligible nook and cranny.

Swim in the turquoise waters, dive to admire the wonderful sea bed, or take a boat ride to visit secluded bays, cave formations, coves and beaches and, if you are lucky, a dolphin may join you!

For imaginative palates

Resisting the influx of “tourist cuisine”, the inhabitants of Lipsi use their local produce in delicious, traditional recipes. Their sea provides its treasures generously: cray fish, prawns, crabs, oysters, fish and octopi ideally accompany the ouzo you will drink in the harbor at dusk, a meeting place for locals and visitors who do not take long to become one big convivial group.

And if you prefer home cooked food, try stuffed mountain goat, courgette flowers with rice, “pitaroudia” and “giaprakia”. Accompany your meal with exquisitely delicious hand kneaded bread and local Lipsi wine. For a sweet tooth, “pougakia”, “patsavouropita” and “xerotigana” with honey will leave no room for complaints. The game of flavours never ends on Lipsi!

Footpaths – hiking routes

If you love hiking routes, follow the wonderful paved footpath past the holy church of the “Kimisi tis Theotokou” – Assumption of the Holy Mother of God- all the way to the temple of «Ano Kimisi”, or climb to the “Aravis” mill at the highest point of the Hora (the main village).

The view to the big Aegean blue will be reward enough. If you want to go higher, the castle with the remnants of an acropolis lies at the highest point of the island. The serenity of the landscape will captivate your heart!

Villages of Lipsi

The only town in Lipsi is Lipsi Town, which is the capital and main port of the island. This is where most facilities and services are concentrated. Most tourist accommodation is also found there. Spread around the island, there are few settlements with rooms to rent.

  • Lipsi Town, map

Beaches of Lipsi

All beaches in Lipsi are calm and quiet. Lipsi beaches are the ideal places to get away from noisy crowds and enjoy all the privacy you need in holidays. Lientou, Kambos, and Elena are the most frequented Lipsi beaches due to their distance to the main town, accessible even by foot. For faraway places, there is a public bus. You will find below a list with the best beaches in Lipsi island.

List of all beaches of Lipsi island

  • Kambos, map
  • Platis Gialos, map
  • Katsadia, map
  • Tourkomnima, map
  • Hoclahoura, map
  • Lientou, map
  • Elena, map
  • Papandria, map
  • Monodendri nudist beach, map
  • Xerokambos, map
  • Kouloura, map

Where to stay in Lipsi

Lipsi Hotels: Look and search Lipsi accommodation, rooms, hotels apartments, studios and pensions.

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