Kefalonia holidays in Greece at Lixouri village: The second largest village of Kefalonia, located 30 km west of Argostoli. Today, it counts on 3000 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and tourism. The town lies around the blue bay of Argostoli overlooking the capital. Regular ferries connect the two destinations. The beautiful town of Lixouri was built on the site where the ancient city of Pali used to be, one of the four principal cities of Kefalonia during Antiquity. Due to the major earthquake of 1953 the city was destroyed and only a couple of mansions survived and can still be seen today.

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Similar to its neighbor town Argostoli, Lixouri gathers a great number of tourists from the beginning of the summer season. Plenty of restaurants and bars line the busy waterfront and modern bars filled with young crowds. The main square Plateia Petritsi is at the centre of attention surrounded by many old-fashioned cafes.

Kefalonia Lixouri Village

The village organizes many local festivals throughout the year. It is well-known for its rich cultural tradition and hosts one of the oldest philharmonic schools in Greece. Most of the locals in Lixouri are famous for their musical capacities. A stroll around the village reveals old churches with nice frescoes, an archeological museum, neoclassical buildings and the famous Monastery of Kipoureon which is an ideal place for isolation. For swimming you can visit the beautiful beach of Lepeda, Xi and Mega Lakos located in close distance from the village.

Beach of Lixouri Village

Lixouri has not a beach in the city, but just outside there is one, called Lepeda, that is frequented by tourists and locals. To reach Lepeda from Lixouri you must follow the waterfront to the south for one kilometer and half.
Lepeda is a beautiful wide, red and sandy beach, not too different from the most famous Xi beach but definitely less crowded. At the beginning of the beach there are some rocks, near the shore, that border a small bay and create an evocative view. On the beach there is also a volleyball net for those who want to have fun and not just lay under the sun. All the coast between Lixouri and Lepeda beach is accessible, with red sand and free, without snack bars or sunbeds for rent.

Kefalonia Lixouri Village

How to move

In Lixouri you can find any kind of rental you need.
From Lixouri you can reach the maintown of Kefalonia, Argostoli, directly by a small ferry-boat that leaves every 40 minutes. The trip will take 20 minutes.

Where to Lodge

There are accommodation in Lixouri for any budgets and needs.
Certainly there are more hotels and residences on the coast, just outside the city, going towards south.


Lixouri is a big town provided with any kind of service as many locals live here all year round.
In the pedestrian streets there are shops selling local handicrafts, souvenirs and jewels.

Weather for Kefalonia Lixouri Village

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