Loutro village Chania, Crete: The seaside village of Loutro is located in southern Crete, at a distance of 70 km from Chania Town and very close to Sfakia. Its name means baths and was possibly taken by the many ancient baths found in the region, whose water was probably coming from the mountainous town of Anopolis.

Loutro Village – Crete Travel Guide

It is believed that in the antiquity Loutro was adjusted to the ancient town of Phoenix, of which no remains have been found today. This village provides a safe natural harbour even in bad weather, this place was the port of ancient Anopolis in the Hellenistic and Roman times, and later on it became the winter port of Sfakia. In the Medieval times, it was frequent raided by Saracen pirates who were using it as a base to attack ships sailing south of Crete. The Venetians managed to drive out the pirates and build a small fortress above this village to protect the region. Ruins of this fortress are still visible today.

A lovely place away from mass tourism. As it can be reached only on foot or by boat, it keeps an authentic calm atmosphere. Daily rerries connect Loutro to Agia Roumeli, the exit point of Samaria Gorge, and other nearby towns. Among the beautiful buildings along the port side, there is the Governor House that was used during the Greek Revolution of 1821. Hiking paths from Loutro lead to the remains of Ancient Anopolis with the Byzantine church of Archangel Michael.