Welcome to one of the most beautiful Greek islands! In the southern Peloponnese, there is a place plucked from a dream: Elafonisos, an exotic island of just 19 sq. km, like one long sliver of paradise. There are so many ways to get here… by boat, foot, motorcycle or car. And then, forget all about civilization.

Enjoy your Stay at Peloponnese Hote

The only thing you’ll need is a sarong, a sun hat and sunscreen, because life here – day and night – happens on the beach. On the pure white sand, the turquoise water, in the shade of the cedars, under the clear blue sky and the bright sun, the infinite horizon. And you, just like everyone that comes here for a beach holiday, will want to stay forever… a castaway on Elafonisos.

What to do in Elafonisos

Picture perfect
As soon as you cross the Strait of Elafonisos, with its shallow green water, you enter another world. Here, you don’t need trendy accessories or a stylish appearance. Holidays in Elafonisos mean that a few sarongs and a couple of T-shirts, sunglasses, sunscreen, a sun hat and a snorkelling mask will do. The exotic beach of Simos, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, awaits you. Two majestic bays await, with fine white sand and emerald water, and a rare cedar forest that spreads out along the sand dunes. Elafonisos welcomes you to paradise in the south of the Peloponnese!

The great outdoors
Back in the day, Megalos (Large) Simos was a naturalist beach and campers lived here entirely, well, naturally. In the last few years the picture has changed. Now, just a few metres from the sea, you can spend your holidays on Elafonisos at the organised camping ground, which combines the purity of nature with modern comforts.

A leisurely stroll
A stroll along the coastal road consists of a stop for seafood and a glass (or two) of ouzo at the port, while you watch the fishing boats rock gently to the rhythm of the water. It is ideal for relaxation and convivial conversation. The village is just what’s needed to complete the image you’ve created of a holiday in Greece. At then end of a perfect day filled with idyllic imagery and exotic beaches, you’ll bask in the sights and smells of a truly authentic Greece!

Tastes of The Sea
As a true ‘fish island’, Elafonisos’ cuisine is a glorious symbiosis of freshly caught seafood and pure, locally grown produce and locally adapted recipes. Savour tastes of the sea with a backdrop of the endless blue horizon.

Hidden gems of Elafonisos

The beach on Kato Nisi
Elafonisos aspires to surprise you: A second beach, just as beautiful as Simos, is located on Kato Nisi (the Lower Island). There you will find the old church of The Virgin Mary, looking out at the sea.

Arrrr, matey
This island used to be a base for pirates and buccaneers in the 16th and 17th centuries, since the Strait of Elafonisos was on a strategic shipping route. Today it is a primary passage for ships in the Eastern Mediterranean and dozens of boats cross it daily.

A Sunken City in the southern Peloponnese
An underwater ancient settlement waits for you in Elafonisos – discover it! It’s called ‘Pavlo Petri’, and is situated between Pounta and the Pavlopetri islet. A sunken prehistoric city can be found here, with its urban planning still evident – buildings, roads, squares. There’s even a cemetery with 60 graves at the northeastern point of the settlement. Research is ongoing to try to shed light on this rare archaeological find.