Greece Holidays around Alexandroupoli. Thrace’s largest port is an excellent base for holiday excursions and an enchanting destination in its own right, with tons of cultural history and an impressive lighthouse.

Entering Greece from Asia, Alexandroupoli is your first stop. It is now a major centre for transit shipping, situated as it is at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkan peninsula. Everyone who passes stops here, and so will you. The streets are broad and well-planned, the waterfront is lined with tavernas, seafood restaurants, bars and luxury hotels. Alexandroupoli is a holiday destination that caters to your every need. Outside the town other travellers, feathered ones, make use of the facilities provided by the Evros Delta.

Greece Holidays in Alexandroupoli

The lighthouse, Alexandroupoli’s emblem
The lighthouse stands 27m tall, six storeys of stone steps, and its light can be seen 37km away. It’s hard not to notice the city’s main attraction: an imposing lighthouse that has stood in the port since 1880. Tirelessly guiding seafarers, on nautical maps it is still listed with the town’s old name: Dede-Agats.

The Evros Delta, a way station for flying migrants
Nature as the master artist. The Evros Delta is a nature lover’s dream. Fresh water mixes with the sea to create a rich wetland habitat and vital rest-place for large numbers of water birds. Of Greece’s 400 species, 300 hundred pass through here, while the river itself boasts 46 kinds of fish, 7 amphibian, 21 reptile and more than 40 mammals.

The Dadia Forest Ecotourist Reserve: Discover Greece’s wild nature
Sixty kilometres outside of town, the amazing Dadia Forest is another magnet for bird watchers and nature lovers travelling to Alexandroupoli. The hiking and birdwatching trails within the hundreds of thousands of acres in the reserve will bring you close to eagles, hawks, vultures and dozens of other majestic birds.

Panagia Kosmosotira, a church on the frontier
At Feres, next to the bridge crossing the border between Greece and Turkey, is the church of Panagia Kosmosotira, important both ecclesiastically and architecturally. The church and the monastery it was part of were built in the mid-12th century, and are among the most significant sights in the area.

Hidden gems of Alexandroupoli

The thermal springs of Evros
If your kidneys are ailing or you just need a hot bath, take a pause at Trajanopolis. The brick-domed 14th-century han was a hostel for travellers seeking the healing powers of the springs back then. Take note of the piping in the walls, these people had central heating.

A trip to the Cyclops’ cave
You can visit one of the innumerable caves of the Cyclops at the modern small port of Makri.

Air conditioning in antiquity
In Evros, in the ancient coastal town of Mesembria-Zone (7th century BC), the inhabitants buried amphorae under their living rooms to combat the humidity, a sort of ancient air conditioning.