Rhodes holidays in Greece at Massari (Masari) village: Located 35 km south of Rhodes town. The access is easy from RhodesLindos highway. It is surrounded by lush green vegetation and beautiful mountainous landscape. Walking around the village visitors see the simplicity and the natural beauty of the olive tree forests and the surrounding landscape.

This place is not known for its tourist development or activity but for the serenity and the peacefulness it offers to the visitors as well as the religious sights including the church of Saint John and the Monastery of Kamiri from the Byzantine times. The festival of the Metamoprhosis of Sotiros (the Saviour) on August 6th is an interesting event for the locals in Massari village.

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It the south-east of Rhodes, on the coast sits the village of Massari surrounded by lush plantlife, a backdrop of mountains, and isolated from the fast pace of the more touristy villages on the island. Traditional customs are still intertwined into the peaceful village life here. If you want a place to experience the real Rhodes, meeting inhabitants that have lived here for generations, and peacefulness Massari is a place to add to your list.

The main historic attractions in the village are its two monasteries, that of St. John and that of Kameiri. The monastery of Kameiri dates to the Byzantine period and features a stunning bell tower. Annually on 6 August the Metamorphosis of Sotiros festival takes place and is a great chance to see a traditional event.

The landscapes surrounding Massari lull visitors into a peacefulness. The village is surrounded by groves of olive and citrus trees and rich forests of pine and cypress. Two rivers, the Gadoura and Makaris, pass the village feeding its lush surroundings. The walks here are beautiful and perfect for solace and rejuvenation. Within the village, you’ll find a few, simple but comfortable rooms to rent to base yourself for a trip the centres on getting away from the stresses of everyday life.

Weather for Rhodes Massari Village

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