In Greece, the country where the science of medicine was born and the most significant holistic healing centres of the ancient world were created, some of the highest levels of medical tourism services for different kinds of treatments and surgeries are available today. And because a holistic approach is gaining ground once again in scientific circles, care is not restricted to the treatment of specific symptoms or illnesses – although the finest infrastructure for such is available in the private sector.

Instead, you will benefit enormously from all the additional features that from antiquity up to our own day have made Greece unique: the rare natural environment that calms body and soul, the pure air and superb climate, the healing energy emanating from its exceptional power sites with their thick forests, rivers, lakes and ancient shrines. The healthful diet consisting of organic produce , as well as the therapeutic mineral springs with their luxurious spas, which offer warm hospitality and personalised care by people who are genuinely concerned about your well being and fast recovery.

Medical Tourism in Greece: Infrastructure & Services

The health sector in Greece has up-to-date facilities in terms of both building complexes and equipment in many regions of the country, starting with Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete. In addition, Greece possesses internationally recognised medical and nursing staff, top level hotels that can function in a supportive capacity.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find health services in Greece qualified to treat it – both in cases of admission to a hospital for less than 24 hours, for cosmetic surgery, for example, LASIC/eye treatments, dental matters, fertility treatments, to specialised units for dialysis sessions, or for longer stays in order to lose weight, regain well being, detox or rebuild good physical and mental health.


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