Rhodes holidays in Greece at Mesanagros village : Located 87 km north of Rhodes Town, close to Lachania. The village lies hidden between the mountains, at 400 metres altitude. It is a historic and privileged village that has survived many invasions from the pirates invasions.

Today, the village is a cluster of ruins where you will find many caves and countless findings which bear the art and way of life of the people. At the center of the village stands the temple of the Annunciation of the Virgin built in 13th century. There is also a great selection of monasteries and churches.

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Leaving Lachania and driving through a marvelous route, you will find Mesanagros. Messanagros is a traditional village hidden between the mountains. It features small houses, examples of rural architecture reflecting the tradition of the area. The village was first built high in the mountains, and the reason was to avoid the pirate raids. The village’s square is also interesting due to the church of the “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”, built in the 13th century in the middle of an older early Christian church, built in the 6th century.

Moreover around the settlement a lot of archaeological discoveries of early Christian temples are found. Among the religious monuments in Mesanagros, the one that stands out is the monastery of Saint Thomas (Byzantine monastery,14th century, built on the ruins of an older early christian monastery).

Other religious monuments are:

Saint Thomas (14th century)
Saint George (18th century)
Saint Nicholas (20th century)
Holy Cross or Saint John in Stavros area
Archangel Michael (19th century)
Prophet Elias (19th century)
Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (18th century)

Mesanagros Natural environment

The area of Mesanagros reveals the beauty and the simplicity of nature. A visit to the region “Skala” of Saint Thomas, can also be very interesting. A landscape with waterfalls, forest with conifers and with rich fauna and flora. Visitors eager to climb the Stavros mountain may be sure to be compensated with a birds’ eye view on the spot where the two seas of Rhodes meet. The existing rural roads lead to the villages of Arnitha and Apolakkia.

Mesanagros Festivals

Sunday after Easter.
Virgin Mary’s Birth on September 8th. The festival takes place the night before
Archangel Michael on November 8th .The festival takes place on the nearest Saturday

Weather for Rhodes Mesanagros Village

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