Messaria (Mesaria) Santorini: Messaria is a small quaint village situated 4km southeast of Fira, around a vast area of vineyards at the centre of Santorini.

Most of the inhabitants are occupied with wine making and there is a local winery to see and taste a wide range of wine flavors. A stroll around the village reveals magnificent neoclassical buildings and restored mansions. Between them are numerous taverns and nice accommodation.

Messaria village is situated the center of Santorini island. Its existence is recorded back to the middle of 17th century.

The roads are very busy during the day as it is on the main thoroughfare for getting around much of the island.

You can sit at the main square for a nice Greek coffee under the trees. In Messaria you can find a few yet beautiful churches with impressive bell towers that dominate the area. Visit Argyros mansion, one of the best examples of neoclassical architecture in Santorini built in 1888.

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