Moraitika Corfu: Moraitika village is a modern tourist resort that lies around a natural bay. The village is located 20 km from the town of Corfu. Moraitika is well planned and an ideal place for residing. With just 600 residents, the village is never too crowded irrespective of the time of your arrival. Most of the local residents of Moraitika are engaged in tourism, therefore it is quite easy to find a room or an apartment.

As far as food is concerned, you are guaranteed excellent quality. There are numerous traditional taverns that offer the very best of local Corfu cuisine along with a range of International dishes to satisfy all visitors. In addition, the seafood delicacies are just too good to be missed.

Corfu Moraitika Village

There is a scenic sandy beach right in front of Moraitika village, which is ideal for swimming. If you have it in you to go scuba diving, there is an exclusive Diving Center that imparts both preliminary as well as advanced courses. For short excursions, a visit to the nearby beach of Agios Ioannis is highly recommended.

Welcome to Moraitika, Corfu – my favorite corner of the world! This is the place where I spent many summers of my early life with family and friends. Nowadays, I return every summer to revisit old fond memories, but mostly to enjoy the serenity of the setting, and to swim in Corfu’s crystal, sparkling waters. I love Moraitika so much, that I had to write a book or two about it! Forget your worries for a while. Sit back, relax and check out this short (yet comprehensive!) guide. I hope the pictures delight you and give you a good idea as to why I call this place a paradise on earth.

Moraitika is situated on the southeast coast of the island. The old quarter is on higher ground, perching on a lush mountain covered with olive groves. Walking through the quaint paths is a pleasure in itself, but you can also admire a spectacular sea view from up here. The sunset vistas are enchanting enough, but the sunrise is truly unforgettable. Rise early one morning, find a vantage point and marvel at this sort of spectacle:

Here, you can quench your thirst at the Pigi (a fresh spring) under the shade of a huge plane tree (platanos). The path that leads to it begins from Tassos Grill if you know your way around the village on the hill. Ask any local where the Pigi or the Platanos is and they’ll point you to the right direction.

Well worth a visit is the village church with its beautiful bell tower. Across from the church, you will find the antiquated, original church of the village and the only grave left standing from the cemetery that was once there. The grave belongs to my great-grandfather, Stefanos Vassilakis, who was the village priest and teacher at the turn of the 20th century. I gave Moraitika the name ‘Vassilaki’ in the book to honor his memory.

Weather for Corfu Moraitika Village

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