Kefalonia holidays in Greece at Myrtos Beach: Is without doubt one of the most important poles of attraction in Kefalonia. It is located 30km north of Argostoli, in a beautiful area around huge verdant hills. Myrtos beach has gained worldwide reputation and has been constantly included in travel magazines among the best beaches in Greece and in the world. It has been awarded many times for its cleanness and the natural beauty.

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The beach has a semi-circular shape surrounded by impressive white rocky cliffs with lush vegetation on top of them creating a spectacular setting. The lush green area, the abrupt terrain, the white pebbles and the crystal waters compose a stunning scenery. The beach is well-organized at the most part with umbrellas and sundecks while a small part remains completely unspoilt, ideal for total isolation.

Kefalonia Myrtos Beach

The natural beauty of Myrtos is the trademark of Kefalonia and one of the most photographed places in Greece. It is affected by the strong winds. The western coast of Myrtos offers spectacular sunset views. visitors have direct access to a wide range of facilities and a nice sack bar offering cold drinks. Myrtos is easily accessed by all means of transport. While descending the beach, you will enjoy some amazing views from above.

Considered by many tourist magazines as one of the 30 best beaches in the World, Myrtos bay is not only the symbol of Kefalonia, but it’s also one of the most famous beaches all over Greece. Myrtos beach is placed in the region of Pylaros, along the north-west coast of the island.

This marvelous bay is surrounded by tall and green cliffs and is made by million of white small pebbles. The color of the sea changes from dark blue to electric blue and turquoise, and the panorama offered by Myrtos beach is really stunning at every moment of the day.

This lovely place can be reached by sea, if you have a private boat, or by the main road with your car, your motorbike or with the public bus service.

If you come here by your own vehicle, as you reach the small village of Divarata you will start to go down for 2 kilometers to the bay. Down at Myrtos there’s only a small bar, but up on the cliff, along the main road, you can find several Greek traditional restaurants where you can have a meal or just stop for a cold drink.

During your stay in Kefalonia it will be nice to dedicate an entire day for Myrtos beach and, if you near here in the evening, do not forget to admire from this bay the most romantic sunset of your holidays.

The sun in fact will go down exactly in front of you and the color of the sea will change from orange into rose.
We also like to recommend you to stop along the road that from Myrtos goes to the village of Assos to take a picture.

The view from the cliff is dramatic and breathtaking, it will be like looking the bay from an airplane!
Every tourist who’s having holidays in Kefalonia island will fall in love with Myrtos beach.

Weather for Kefalonia Myrtos Beach

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