Nea Moudania beach Halkidiki: Nea Moudania beach is located 26 km south west of Poligiros, the capital of Halkidiki and 60 km from Thessaloniki. It is a popular holiday resort with a long sandy beach that counts among the best spots for swimming.

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Halkidiki Nea Moudania Beach

There are different kind of facilities like sunbeds and umbrellas, beach bars and taverns. A motorway links the beach to this village, around a beautiful environment of vineyards and hill slopes. The Yachting Club in this village organizes many activities and has won many international awards in sailing and fishing competitions. Other sports events are also organized on the beach, such as beach soccer, beach volleyball and beach tennis matches.

Just like nearby Nea Potidaia the town of Nea Moudania was built after 1922 when refugees from Anatolia settled here. They came from the city of Mudanya in Turkey and wanted to give the city the name of the old city where they came from. Nea Moudania means New Moudania. The city is considered the most important economic center of Chalkidiki. With 10,000 people Nea Moudania is the second largest city in the Halkidiki area. The port of Nea Moudania is one of the major fishing ports of Greece. The distance between Nea Moudania and Thessaloniki is about 60 kilometers. There is a regular bus service between the two towns (about 1 bus an hour during the day time).

Halkidiki Nea Moudania Beach

Nea Moudania has a long and wide sandy beach which slopes gently into the sea. Along this beach is a promenade with tavernas, shops and accommodations. On a portion of the beach, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. In the town are many facilities such as shops, supermarkets, nightclubs, bars, banks and a post office. Every Wednesday morning there is an open market close to the bus station of village. This is the largest market in Halkidiki and you can buy all kinds of things, like clothing, local products, fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, wine, honey and much more. The really large church that stands on top of a hill overlooking the town is quite impressive.

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