The island complex of Fourni belongs to the Eastern Aegean islands and it is located south of Samos and Ikaria. The main island of the complex is Fourni island.

This place is considered an alternative destination, perfect for hikers, free campers and naturists. Away from mass tourism and modern way of life, Fourni Greece has great beaches and a real hospitable environment. Most activities are concentrated in the Town, which also has a relaxing beach and a romantic promenade for evening walks. The island can be visited for holidays or as a day trip from Samos and Ikaria. In summer, there are daily boats from Agios Kyrikos Ikaria and Pythagorion Samos.

Travel guide to Fourni, Greece

A tiny place with intense alternative style, Fourni island is famous as the perfect laid-back destination. This is a complex of small islands, geographically located on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea. Only the main island is inhabited all year round and has few permanent residents. Fourni is a great place for hikers and people looking for totally private holidays. It has gorgeous beaches that can be reached by foot or boat. Generally you should be prepared for long walks during your Fourni holidays.


Fourni island is not very developed in tourism but remains a calm, alternative place. Most accommodations are concentrated in the main village and port of the island, Fourni Town, and in close beaches, like Kambi and Psili Ammos. Instead of large hotels, you will find traditional apartments and studios in Fourni, as well as many rooms to let. These venues have simple facilities and provide easy access to the beach. They are ideal for totally secluded holidays in Fourni.,

Things to see and do

The island of Fourni, in Greece, is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Eastern Aegean islands group. The villages in Fourni island are small and have few facilities. The capital of the complex is Fourni Town, which also serves as the main port. There are also smaller settlements in Kamari and Chrissomilia, that come alive only in summer as tourist places. The second village is Thimena, connected by boat to Town. Due to the limited population and the large distance from Athens, this island is not developed in tourism and has few things to do, except for swimming and hiking. It is considered an alternative destination with relaxing atmosphere and fabulous beaches. Some can be reached on foot, such as Psili Ammos and Kambi, while the others can be accessed with the small local bus. Due to the secluded location, the beaches of Fourni island are frequented by free campers and naturists.