Greece Holidays in Samothrace Island: This mountainous island in the North Aegean encompasses you in its mystical aura: waterfalls, wild natural beauty and an ancient history, rich with rituals.

Samothrace of the pre-Olympian Great Gods, with its physical and metaphysical power, will lure you into its mystical ambience. The challenging mountain trails of Mount Saos or Fengari (Moon) – the highest peak in the Aegean – secret waterfalls, wild natural beauty, raging winds, the Hora with its living traditions: the energy of this island will overwhelm you. And when this island-mountain of the Northern Aegean is bathed in moonlight, the enigmatic ancient mysteries will come alive in front of you. Are you ready to be initiated into the world of Samothrace?

Holiday in Samothrace

Winged Victory of Samothrace
The evacuation of the Winged Victory of Samothrace from the Louvre during World War II. Fuente: The History Of The Louvre Museum Paris France.

Winged Victory – Nike of Samothrace
Paris. The Louvre. The Winged Victory of Samothrace stands tall and commanding, carved in Parian marble. She may be missing arms, but everyone admires the unbelievable details, the creases and folds in her linen tunic. With her wings wide open, she is ever ready to … well, just do it! Yes, the artist that created Nike’s logo was inspired by this statue, a jewel of worldwide cultural heritage.

Sanctuary of the Great Gods
As you enter today’s archaeological site of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, your initiation begins. Greek and foreign deities for centuries concentrated in this one place. The identity and nature of the Great Gods remain a secret but their role is clear. Here is where enigmatic rites and rituals were performed in their honour. Mystical, yet open to all. Slaves and kings, all equal in the eyes of the gods, all passed through the Initiation. Today, it’s your turn.

Traditional Hora
Hora, hidden from the pirates and the winds in a valley below Mount Saos, treats you to its traditional imagery. Tiled roofs, light bathing the narrow, winding streets and, above the rooftops, the stones are not decorative but protect against the raging wind. Walk among authentic beauty.

Secret treat: a swim in the waterfalls
Are you ready to discover the hidden secrets of Mount Saos? In Samothrace you’ll find dozens of streams and water rapids. Dense forest, planes, pathways and countless waterfalls and hot springs, hidden among the lush vegetation. Follow the sound of the water falling and you’ll come upon a fairy tale.

The water creates natural pools that the locals call vathres. You will not be able to resist a cool, refreshing dip. It is a one-of-a-kind experience. But caution! The most famous river is also the most dangerous. As you climb higher up the mountain you’ll reach The Killer – just as threatening as its name.

Photos of Samothrace

Holidays with action & adventure
If you love outdoor activities and wilderness adventures, this island is for you. Hiking, climbing, discovery. Be aware of the safety hazards and pay attention to abrupt and severe weather changes. At 1,600m above sea level, you can climb to the moon, literally: Mount Saos’s peak, Fengari, awaits you.

The goats of Samothrace
You will see them everywhere, even on the road signs and in the trees. They live free and wild and taste delicious roasted on a spit or cooked a hundred other ways. An island staple.

The beaches of Samothrace
Not so well known but certainly a place of notable natural beauty. Among the standout beaches are Pahia Ammos, with its golden sand and crystal-clear water; the exotic Vatos, with its plane trees and cold waters; Kremasto, with its waterfall that froths into the sea; and the Kipo beach, with its grey-black pebbles.