Panagia village, situated 8 km south west of Limenas, the capital of Thassos. It is a traditional village with a rich history and one of the wealthiest villages of Thasos. It was the first capital of the island after the revolution of 1821.

Where to stay in Thassos Panagia?

Thassos Panagia village lies in a beautiful location, among verdant trees, and it is full of running water. The church of the village is very old but it remains a remnant of those times. The church has given its name to the village and all travelers should visit. Most of the houses of Panagia are traditionally built, with covered balconies, schist roofs and their interior adorned with wood.

Thassos Panagia Village
Thassos Panagia, Hotels and Restaurants

Things to do and see in Thassos Panagia

Thassos Panagia village is famous for its sirup sweets, its walnuts, its figs and its tomatoes. Many taverns and cafes are scattered in the village and on the main square. Hotels and rooms for rent are also available. The beautiful sandy beach called Chrissi Amoudia (Golden Sand) is at a short distance away from Panagia.

Thassos Restaurants and Tavernas

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