Panormos Beach Mykonos: Panormos is located on the northern side of the Mykonos island and it is much secluded. Away from tourist facilities and water sports centres, This beach is a calm and non-organized beach. Visitors need private transport to get there as no bus or boat goes to Panormos.

Panormos Beach, is one of the coziest and most relaxed sandy beaches in Mykonos island! Just 14 km from Chora, and away from the busy beaches.

This is a nice, unspoilt and quiet sandbeach in the north of the island, with in the backland some dunes. You will not find umbrellas and beachbeds here, and actually besides a hotelcomplex there is not much to find here at all besides sand, sea, peace and occasionally a pig taking a swim ;). The village itself is not impressive. This is the kind of beach that we like. It’s quite big and it’s easy to get into the sea. Take some bottles of water with you when you go there, because we haven’t discovered a taverna (update 2016: there is one beach taverna open for your drinks and they also have some beach parasols for rent, and later updates tell me there are now already two tavernes at Panormos Beach). The beach is also used by nudists, but clothes off is optional. Plenty of space for everybody on this beach and one of our favorites on the island of Mykonos. For people that are looking for a quiet beach or a quiet accommodation on Mykonos.

Mykonos Panormos Beach

There are no buses between the capital of Mykonos and the long sandy beach of Panormos, and therefore it can only be reached by car or by taxi. Because of this it is also a lot quieter than some other beaches on Mykonos. Because the beach is located in the north of the Mykonos island, you’re best off if the wind comes from the south. By the way, This Beach is quite a clean beach and consists of fine sand. It is located in a protected bay and it is easy to go into the sea, because it is shallow, the bottom of the sea is sandy and there are no rocks. You can find the naturist part more towards the end of the beach.

Mykonos recommended hotels near Panormos beach: Mykonos CocooningMykonos Panormos Villas & SuitesFulfill Your Holiday DreamsPanormos Village and more.

Panormos Village is a group of traditionally built studios and apartments with panoramic view of Panormos beach, which is only 50m away. The facilities of the studios along with the natural beauty of Panormos beach makes the Panormos Village the ideal choice for your Holidays. Panormos Village is a family owned Mykonos resort located directly on the sea front on the north coast of Mykonos island. The whitewashed stone studios and apartments in Panormos with private verandas are surrounded by gardens built on different levels, roses, phoenix trees, aloe, and a variety of other flowers create a small oasis in the Cycladic landscape. Vine-covered pergolas offer natural shade and a cool outdoor space for summer living. The unspoiled landscape and the magnificent sea view over the Panormos gulf will overwhelm visitors who will enjoy this from their private verandas of hotel rooms.


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