Rhodes holidays in Greece at Paradisi (Paradeisi) village, Dodecanese: Paradisi is one of the most attractive and charming villages near international airport and located 16 km west of the Rhodes Town. The name Paradise derives from the beautiful surrounding with the exotic gardens that Arabs once brought to the village. This is a true paradise, just like its name indicates.

This village has 2,500 inhabitants but during the summer months it gets quite crowded due to the fact that the airport is only a couple of kilometres far. The nearby beach is a developed tourist settlement with numerous local shops, traditional houses and several renovated buildings.

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Despite the fact that today Paradisi constitutes a popular tourist destination, the locals have preserved their sociable and friendly character. The area has various options for accommodation, food, shopping and any kind of entertainment. Most of the people visit Paradisi for the sandy and organized beach that stretches for 10 km from Kremasti to Theologos. The access to the village is easy from the town of Rhodes. There are public buses running frequently as well as taxis.

Paradisi is a village on the west coast of the island, just off the “Diagoras” International Airport of Rhodes. It is a traditional village where centuries-old houses happily alternate with modern constructions. The lively village square is where the main socializing happens and it is here that you will find a large amount of cafeterias, bars and restaurants. The village’s endearing name – Paradise – is reminiscent of the superb gardens that once stood here, having featured exotic flowers brought by the Arabs.

Nowadays, the name Paradisi suggests the beauty of the surrounding area. The main road from Rhodes Town heading south, goes straight through the village, and one should be careful when doing so as the road is extremely narrow and takes a lot of traffic, including buses, trucks, cars, pedestrians and of course motor bikes. Paradisi is well known for its bakeries; as a matter of fact, one may find many of such establishments situated on the main road, giving off the unique aroma of freshly baked bread and delicacies. The beach is pebbly and well-organized with water sport facilities, canteens. As for the sunsets, these are certain to create memories to bring back home to. There are many Byzantine churches, both within the village and in its immediacies.

The celebration of Saint Marina at the end of July is something one should make a point of experiencing. The locals are extremely hospitable and one can enjoy the festivities outside the church.

Weather for Rhodes Paradisi Village

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