Paraga Beach Mykonos: Beach is a combination of two sandy beaches separating by a headland and forming a large beach. The southern beach is the calmer, while the northern one is fully organised and lined by many taverns playing music.

Paraga Beach is a popular beach among the locals as well as the tourists!

Paraga beach can be reached by bus, by a 15 minute walk from Mykonos or by one of the frequent taxi-boats going to Super Paradise Beach.

Paranga Beach, Mykonos island

The walk from Platis Gialos to this beach is a nice and pretty one. You just walk to the end of Platis Gialos beach and turn right into the dusty road leading upwards. It’s about a 20 minutes walk along the coastline. It’s also possible to take a kaik (small Greek boat) in Platis Gialos if you want to go there. Paraga village is just a small village with some restaurants on the beach, a supermarket and a big camping. It’s also possible to rent a room or a studio.

The village of Paraga is very quiet and doesn’t see much traffic. There’s a bus going from Mykonos Chora to Paranga every whole hour, and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get there. I like Paranga a lot because it’s so peaceful. Other people would maybe prefer to stay in nearby Platis Gialos, because Platis which is a little better serviced by the busses and the taxis, and there’s just a little more choice for everything.

Mykonos recommended hotels near Paraga beach: San Giorgio, ZephyrosOnly yoursAlmyra Guest Houses and more.

What Platis Gialos doesn’t have though is a naturist beach, so if you like that than you are better of at Paranga /Paraga Beach. Part of the beach of Paranga is used y naturists (it is a mixed beach with on one side the textiles and on the other side the people without them).


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