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Patras: Best Holiday Destination Located in North-West of the Peloponnese

Yassas (hello) to Patras, a bustling univercity city, a place where entertainment, history and culture mingle together to create a destination filled with wonderful discoveries in Greece. Placed on the northern side of Peloponnese, Patras Greece is the third-largest city in the country. In this post you will learn about everything about Patras Greece such as where is Patras, how to get there, history of the city, sightseeing and things to do in Patras, explore the carnival, eating and drinking places, restaurants and tavernas, nightlife, best time to visit this amazing city, Patras weather, map, beaches and where to stay in Patras, accommodation options ect.

This town gets busy due to its port that serves ferries schedules to the Ionian islands and Italy all year round. A place with a long history, Patras in Greece has many interesting sights to see, such as the Medieval Castle, the Roman Odeon and the church of Saint Andrew, protector of the town. The beach promenade is a lovely spot to stroll around and enjoy a coffee with sea view. Patras is famous for hosting the best Carnival in Greece with many events and a large costume parade. The nice beach resorts in the region are great for family holidays, while its central location is convenient for road trips to Olympia, Nafpaktos, Mesolongi, Corinth Canal and Delphi.

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Where is Patras, Greece

Patras is Greece’s third-largest city and the regional capital of Western Greece, in the northern Peloponnese, 215 km (134 mi) west of Athens. The city is built at the foot of Mount Panachaikon, overlooking the Gulf of Patras.

How to get to Patras

Travel to Patras, Greece: Patras is one of the biggest city centers in Greece. In this place, there are many spots of interest and countless things to do. What is more, you can easily travel to Patras, because of its convenient location. On this page, you will find out in which ways you can reach and explore this unique destination!

How to get to Patras by Bus

The central bus stop of Achaia prefecture is located in Patras. Therefore, Patras is easily connected with nearby destinations in Peloponnese and further city centers, like Athens. KTEL buses from Athens to Patras depart from the bus station of Kifissos. The trip lasts approximately 3 hours. You can get further information about timetables and routes on www.ktelachaias.gr.

How to get to Patras by Ferry

Ferries with direction to Italy depart from the port of Patras all year round. Particularly, the port of Patras is connected with Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Venice and Trieste ports in Italy. From the port of Patras, you can also reach some Ionian islands, like Ithaca and Kefalonia.

How to get to Patras by Flight

Araxos international airport in Patras serves only seasonal flights, as it operates from May to October. It is located close to the namesaking village of Araxos, about 40 km away from the city centre of Patras. only during summer. At the entrance of the airport, you will find some taxis that can transfer you wherever you need to. You can get further information about routes and timetables on www.araxos-airport.gr.

How to get to Patras by Car

In order to reach Patras by car from Athens, you need to drive through the National Road Athens-Corinth and after passing by the Corinth Canal you have to follow the direction to Patras. Have in mind that after Corinth the road becomes a bit narrow, so you need to be more careful when driving. The distance between Athens and Patras is about 211 km. In case you don’t have your own vehicle, it is an excellent idea to hire one for your sightseeing trips!

How to get to Patras by Train

If you want to reach Patras by train, you need to change a line in Kiato, since Patras and Athens are not directly connected. Firstly, you have to take the Suburban Railway from Athens with direction to Kiato. Upon your arrival in Kiato, you need to embark on another train with direction to Patras. The whole trip lasts approximately 3 hours and a half.

History of Patras

The town took its name from Patrea, who settled there along with other Achaeans in the ancient times. The town didn’t actually have an important role in Greek history until 146 BC when it was conquered by the Romans. That time, it flourished as a trade center and many public works were constructed, such as the Roman Odeon and the Roman Theatre that still survive in Patras.

The development of Patras continued in the Byzantine Times, During the Turkish rule, from the 15th until the 19th century, its Castle was fortified. After the liberation of Patras in the late 1820s, the town was rebuilt according to an architectural plan of Stamatis Voulgaris. Parallel streets were constructed, ample squares and beautiful gardens were designed and the town was divided into two parts, the Upper (Ano Poli) and the Lower (Kato Poli) Town.

By the end of the 19th century, Patras had come to be known as the second biggest city in Greece and it also grew as the chief center for the export of agricultural produce in Peloponnese. A lot of foreigners came to Patras to make money out of the trade and brought a new cultural ambiance. Patras developed rapidly in the 20th century and it was the first city in Greece to introduce streetlights and electric tramways.

The First World War seriously hampered the city’s urban development and there was a lot of chaos due to the refugees flocking into the city from Asia Minor. Later, the Second World War caused a lot of destructions due to bombardments but reconstruction works restored the architectural glory of the town. Now it is a busy town that mostly derives its economic strength from its university, the third largest university in Greece, and from the port.

Sightseeing Patras

The third largest town in Greece, Patras owes most of its tourist development to the busy port that serves ferries to the Ionian islands and Italy. The beautiful beach promenade of Patras, the interesting historical sightseeing, the joyful Carnival in February/March and the vivid nightlife attract many visitors to this city. The most important sightseeing in Patras is the Medieval Castle, located above the Old Town and offering a panoramic view. The Church of Saint Andrew is also worth to visit as this is the protector of Patras and he is believed to be a miracle-working saint. In short drive from Patras are nice locations to visit, such as the Ancient Site of Olympia and the picturesque town of Nafpaktos.

Things to do in Patras

Organized things to do in Patras are limited as the region is not much open to foreign tourists. Some beaches have water sports centers with fun games for all ages, but such beaches are few. A couple of diving centers have also opened in Patras. They offer courses and organize diving trips to interesting reefs and rocky islets in western Peloponnese and in close islands of the Ionian Sea, such as Zakynthos and Kefalonia.

Capital of the Achaia prefecture, Patras has a heavenly setting on its namesake gulf at the very north of Peloponnese. Modern Patras by the water was rebuilt around impressive squares after the city was damaged Greek War of Independence in the 19th century.

But up the slope is the old city, where you’ll happen upon Roman buildings like the Odeon, Amphitheatre and the Castle of Patras, which was occupied by a military force for 15 centuries straight. There’s history of an even more ancient kind at Skioessa, which has 75 preserved tombs from a Mycenaean cemetery dating back 3,500 years. Life in ancient Patras is neatly summed up at the superb Archaeological Museum, which has one of Greece’s largest collections of mosaics.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Patras!

Patras Carnival

In fact, the town of Patras Greece owes its cultural and economic development to this port. Being the capital of Achaia Prefecture, Patras is usually visited as a transportation hub or for its Carnival, the most famous Carnival in Greece that takes place in February or May. Carnival celebrations last for about six weeks and include performances, concerts and a big parade on last Sunday of the Carnival. This parade starts at Olga Square at noon and ends late in the evening. All people are dressed in costumes and a festive atmosphere dominates all over the city.

The Carnival of Patras is the major event of the town. This is the largest carnival in Greece and one of the most famous in Europe. Carnival celebrations last for about 40 days, but they peak on the weekend before Lent Monday. That Saturday evening, there is a large parade and so in on Sunday evening. On Sunday evening, the “burning of the Carnival King” marks the end of the carnival.

Nightlife in Patras

Patras has a vivid nightlife all year round. As it is the third largest town in Greece and it has a large university with thousands of students, Patras has developed a joyful nightlife network.

Clubs and bars are spread all around the city. In summer, people mostly go to seaside clubs near the port but there are many other bars in the city center, around the Square of King George and along the streets.

The nightclubs in various beach resorts of Patras, including Rio and Vrahneika, are very popular in summer too. These clubs stay open all night long and attract many young people.

Eat & Drink in Patras

A city with a large population and a joyful student community, there are many places to eat and drink in Patras. The most popular restaurants and taverns are found at the port promenade, offering delicious dishes and nice view to the sea. Many cafes and bars are located in the city center, mostly at the Square of King George and along the main avenues of Patras. Seafood taverns are also found in seaside villages close to the city, such as Vrachneika and Rio.

Best Restaurants in Patras

The city of Patra has many restaurants of all types, from fast food places and family taverns to upscale gourmet restaurants. Many Patra restaurants are found at the port, at the square of King George, at the Old Town and generally in every spot of the city. Nice seaside Patra restaurants are found in Rio, Vrachneika, Psathopyrgos and the other beaches in a short drive from the city.

More About Patras Greece

Patras is the third-largest town in Greece and has a busy port that serves ferries to the Ionian islands and Italy. Although the history of this town dates from ancient times, few ancient remains survive today, except for the Roman Oden. Most sights date from modern times, including elegant mansions in the city center. In the surrounding region, there are relaxing beach places for summer vacations, such as Rio, Psathopyrgos, and Vrahneika. Holidays in Patras can be combined with trips to other close destinations, like Olympia, Nafpaktos, and Mesolongi.

Patras Greece is located on the northern side of Peloponnese. This is the third-largest city in Greece and it has a very busy port, serving ferry itineraries to the Ionian islands and Italy. Patras is a town with a rich history and has many monuments, such as the Medieval Castle, the Roman Odeon and the large church of Saint Andrew. It is also famous for its vivid nightlife, restaurants and seaside cafeterias.

Patras town gets very popular in the Carnival Weekend, as it organizes the largest carnival parade in Greece. Its central location serves as a base for excursions to Olympia, Delphi, Nafpaktos, and Mesolongi. Beach hotels in the region provide nice places to stay for your Patras holidays.

Best Time to Visit Patras

The busiest month for tourism in Patras, Greece is June, followed by February and August. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Patras in September.

Patras Weather Monthly

The coldest month is January, with an average high-temperature of 14.5°C (58.1°F) and an average low-temperature of 6.1°C (43°F).

The warmest month is August, with an average high-temperature of 30.9°C (87.6°F) and an average low-temperature of 19.6°C (67.3°F).

Patras Weather Monthly, Greece
Patras Weather Monthly, Greece

Patras Beaches

There are various beaches in Patras you can visit during your stay there. The closest Patras beaches are located on the eastern coast of the Peloponnese and each one of them has its own unique features. You will find below a list with the best beaches in Patras Greece.

Beaches of Patras

Discover our guide to 5 beautiful Patras beaches. They are all presented with a detailed description, photos and their location on a map of Patras. For the most popular spots, we also provide information about sightseeing in the area, a selection of hotels and reviews below.

Accommodation in Patras

You will find below our selection with the best hotels in Patras! Want to see more? View all hotels in Patras.

Where to Stay in Patras

Depending on the length of your stay in Patras, you can choose a different type of accommodation. If you are staying only for one night, waiting for your ferry to Italy or the Ionian islands, then look for Patras hotels in the town center as they are in a walking distance or a short taxi ride from the port. If you are staying for more nights, then a hotel in Rio or Vrahneika would be better so that you have access to the beach.

The 10 best hotels & places to stay in Patra

  1. Mediterranee | booking | hotelscombined
  2. Astir | booking | hotelscombined
  3. Galaxy City Center Hotel | booking | hotelscombined
  4. Patras Palace Hotel | booking | hotelscombined
  5. Airotel Patras Smart Hotel | booking | hotelscombined
  6. El Greco | booking | hotelscombined
  7. Airotel Achaia Beach | booking | hotelscombined
  8. Delfini Hotel | booking | hotelscombined
  9. Hotel Atlanta | booking | hotelscombined
  10. Hotel Acropole | booking | hotelscombined

The 10 cheap hotels to stay in Patra

  1. Airotel Patras Smart Hotel | booking | hotelscombined
  2. Erismini city | booking | hotelscombined
  3. Moxy Patra Marina | booking | hotelscombined
  4. Hotel Tzaki | booking | hotelscombined
  5. Adriana’s Loft | booking | hotelscombined
  6. Beautiful apartment | booking
  7. CENTRAL Studio | booking | hotelscombined
  8. Patras Centre Apartment | booking | hotelscombined
  9. Lovely Apartments | booking | hotelscombined
  10. Luxury Patra City Studio | booking | hotelscombined

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