Petralona Cave Halkidiki: 300 metres above sea level at the area of Petralona, north of Nea Kallikratia and within 35 kilometres from the international airport of Thessaloniki, a true natural wonder awaits you.

We are talking about the Petralona Cave with its numerous impressive stalactites and stalagmites, which was accidentally discovered in 1959 by a local shepherd.

Halkidiki Petralona Cave

Excavations in the cave started in 1965 under the supervision of the founder of the Anthropological Association of Greece, the Professor of Anthropology Dr. Aris Poulianos, who discovered that the area of Petralona has been inhabited for about 700,000 years, thus proving that the oldest European hominids had lived there. One of the most important finds from the cave is the famous Petralona Skull, while fossils from numerous (currently extinct) animal species, such as bears, panthers, rhinoceros, bisons, various species of deer and equidae, as well as fossils from some species of birds, rodents and bats were found there.


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