Petriti Corfu: The charming village of Petriti is idyllically located on the eastern coast of Corfu. Close to Petriti are the villages of Lefkimi and Boukari, both very tourist friendly. In the ancient times this village was popularly referred to as Egrypos. The word Egrypos is derived from the Greek word Evrous that literally means a good river. Today, Petriti village is sparsely populated with just 700 permanent residents most of whom are engaged in fishing.

There are a couple of picturesque harbors where colorful boats moor creating a kaleidoscopic vignette in Petriti village Corfu. A stroll around the harbor area in the early morning hours reveals an intense activity of the fishermen. Despite mass tourism, the settlement still retains its old charm and unique character.

Petriti Village in Corfu has gained immense popularity among the international tourists providing all kinds of modern tourist amenities to satisfy all the travelers needs. From shops to happening bars and taverns, Petriti village is all geared up to welcome each and every visitor and despite mass tourism, the village still retains its rural and charming character.

Petriti Village in Corfu is particularly a very attractive destination for families and couples who find the tranquil village a nice choice for their holidays. Set in the midst of a lush green forest cover, there are numerous choices for hiking. Also worth visiting is the high altitude village of Korakades which is conspicuous by its magnificent church. It hosts priceless icons, murals, and wall paintings that adorn the parapets. The best time for sightseeing in Petriti is early in the morning or during the evening hours.


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