Plakes beach, Skiathos island: This is a rocky beach situated in the west side of Skiathos Town, near the old harbor. It has some tourist facilities and it is surrounded by huge rocks and tall pines that provide shade. The crystalline waters create a unique turquoise color that wins over the visitor’s heart from the first time. There are many cafeterias and taverns all around Plakes. The coast is narrow and visitors have to go down some stairs to get to the beach. As the place is rocky, beware of urchins that may hide there.

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Encircled by the pristine nature with its large rocks and the fragrant pine trees offering adequate natural shade to swimmers this exquisite rocky beach is a beach haven of repose. The tranquil emerald waters and the gracious environment create an atmosphere of blissful harmony and peacefulness. There are many cafes and taverns nearby offering refreshments and mouthwatering delicacies as well as tourist facilities ensuring an enjoyable day in the sun.

Weather for Skiathos Plakes Beach

[simple-weather latitude=”39.1588573″ longitude=”23.487797499999942″ days=”3″ text_align=”right” display=”block” style=”large-icons”]

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