Platania beach Halkidiki: Beach, a sandy bay located close to the village of Sarti and 88 km south east of Poligiros. Surrounded by lush green vegetation reaching the green blue sea the beach offers many spots for naturists.

Although there are no sign boards leading to Platania, the beach is easy to find and tourists may have to ask at the village of Sykia or Sarti, located 2 km away. At Sarti, there is a mini market, where tourists can buy their essentials and there are also taverns and bars offering a drink or snack. The nearby beaches of Orange (which means Portokali in Greek) and Kavourotrypes are worth to visit and they are perfect for families with small children, as the waters are shallow and warm.

Halkidiki Platania Beach

Platania beach is a small beach just south of the Sarti beach. This beach has two parts, the main beach and a smaller to the south. Platania is normally used by tourists who stay in the apartments behind the beach or those who want a change from the Sarti beach. The southern smaller part is often frequented by nudists looking for an escape.

Halkidiki Platania Beach

Platania has some organization with a beach bar and sun-beds with umbrellas. The taverna behind the beach is often closed.

The beach is sand and has a sandy seafloor that deepens gradually and is good for children.

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