Platanias Chania: Village situated 15 km west of Chania town and one of the largest tourist resorts in Crete. The village owns its name to the many plane trees scattered along the shore of the river Platanias.

Frequent local buses link Platanias to Chania. Mostly full of package tourists, the busy resort has all kind of accommodations from luxury hotel complexes to simple, family owned rooms for rent.

Chania Platanias Village Hotels

Numerous restaurants, Greek taverns, bars, clubs and shops can be found in Platanias as well as beautiful long sandy beaches, although sometimes exposed to the winds, but with amazing pristine waters.

Chania Platanias Village

All these highly developed touristy facilities have driven Platanias a bit far from the real authentic Crete, but it remains a great place for those who want to enjoy good touristy facilities and various sea sports on the beach.

To my mind, this Cretan countryside resembled good prose, carefully ordered, sober, free from superfluous ornament, powerful and restrained. It expressed all that was necessary with the greatest economy. It had no flippancy, nor artifice about it. It said what it had to say with a manly austerity. But between the severe lines one could discern an unexpected sensitiveness and tenderness ; in the sheltered hollows the lemon and orange trees perfumed the air, and from the vastness of the sea emanated an inexhaustible poetry.

“Crete,” I murmured. “Crete…” and my heart beat fast.

Nikos Kazantzakis, “Zorba the Greek”

Maybe, just maybe, in the beginning of time Zeus put thousands of cats, dogs, goats and donkeys in a big cocteil-shaker and poured them all over the mountains and shores of Crete. You will be surprised how many of them you find around Platanias.