Platia Ammos Kefalonia: Platia Ammos is a secluded beach located 30 km west of Argostoli, the main town of Kefalonia. This beach amazes every visitor with its natural beauty, which landscape is quite similar to this of Myrtos and Petani but far more unspoilt and peaceful. The beach offers no facilities such as beach bars, taverns, sunbeds or umbrellas. It is surrounded by huge cliffs that create a fascinating backdrop.

The best beaches in Kefalonia. Kefalonia’s abundant beaches will keep you busy.

Situated close to the Monastery of Kipoureon, in the peninsula of Paliki, Platia Ammos was accessible only by boat. Today, about 280 steps have been carved on the cliff side leading down to this lovely beach. The area is an ideal place for relaxation. The water needs extra caution since it is very deep.

Platia Ammos Beach in Paliki is truly an eyeshore and one of the best beaches you will come across around the island. Unspoiled yet welcoming, it might trouble you until you reach it, however you will be rewarded once you dive into the deep blue waters.

Platia Ammos Beach, Kefalonia

Nestled at the depths of a bay and surrounded by imposing rocks, Platia Ammos will take your breath away with its rough beauty and verdant greenery. Small and large white pebbles are scattered throughout the beach, whilst the vibrant sunrays breathe life into the sparkling waters. The serenity that prevails complements the scenery and is an idyllic spot to indulge in absolute tranquility.

Platia Ammos is an unorganized beach and the cliffs offer no shade, so take umbrellas with you! And do not forget to visit the Monastery of Kipouria that is one of the most impressive monasteries of Kefalonia.


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