Most Popular Seaside Destinations in Greece

Halkidiki, Pelion, Mani… Most Popular Seaside Destinations in Greece: In Northern and Western Greece, in Thessaly and the Peloponnese, you’ll discover a world of landscapes at your fingertips. Impressive monuments, road trips and journeys that you’ll never forget and mountains that plunge into the sea – a combination that gives you a never-ending array of choices for your beach holiday on mainland Greece. Discover the stone houses of Pelion’s villages, the sandy beaches and castles of Messinia and Mani, as well as Halkidiki’s seaside resorts.

Holidays in Pelion

Mountains and sea in mainland Greece. You’ll wander through stone-built villages with squares, fountains and Byzantine monuments that nestle under the shade of the plane, chestnut and oak trees. And you’ll find old pathways overlooking the Aegean. Descend and you’ll discover beautiful beaches with smooth white pebbles and translucent water, tavernas and traditional cafes. You’ll explore seaside caves and stay in stone guest cottages. You’ll drive on roads that snake through forests and along cliff-sides, while out your window the sky merges with the sea.

Holidays in the Peloponnese

In this corner of mainland Greece you’ll find some of the most popular destinations for heavenly holidays. All around you there are austere stone towers, both arid and fertile landscapes, with cypress trees and olive groves. You’ll drive through mountains and along the coast. You’ll discover caves, castles, wetlands, archaeological sites, luxury five-star hotels with spas and golf courses, and endless sandy beaches, many set up for all sorts of water sports.

At the cosmopolitan seaside resorts, with exceptional tavernas and restaurants, you’ll get to know the hospitality that complements this charismatic landscape. The entire coastline of the Peloponnese, from the Gulf of Kyparissia to the Gulf of Messinia and Laconia, is full of holiday options that combine the joys of the sea with dozens of other opportunities for on-land adventures.

Holidays in Halkidiki

You are in Northern Greece. On the one side, fir trees and vineyards that reach the sea, turquoise water and fine white sand, and low-key beach bars in small, secluded coves. On the other, archaeological sites and caves and a multitude of high-end, all-inclusive seaside resorts that boast numerous options for eating, drinking and entertainment. Stay in a luxury hotel that offers dining on the beach, relaxing spas, spacious villas and gourmet restaurants. The combination of nature, luxury and hospitality is one of a kind.