Porto Koufo beach Halkidiki: Literary meaning Deaf Port, is one of the two ports of ancient Toroni and today is regarded among the safest and largest natural ports in Northern Greece.

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In the Medieval times, this beach was served as a haven for pirates who attacked Halkidiki. Nowadays, popular it is a small fishing village with peaceful atmosphere, ideal for relaxing vacation. The beach is small, but beautiful set in a natural surrounding of dense vegetation, fae away from the centre of Halkidiki, 80 km south east of Poligiros. Many boats depart from Porto Koufo port to some of the most popular Halkidiki sights and beaches. The area around the village is ideal for trekking. Every year, in September, this beach hosts the Festival of the Tuna.

Halkidiki Porto Koufo Beach

The resort of Porto Koufo is situated in a bay in the southwest of the Sithonia peninsula, about 145 km away from Thessaloniki. This bay is the deepest natural harbour in Greece. In World War II the port was used by the Germans for their submarines. A few of the fortifications that the Germans built during that period are still visible. Also the Turkish pirate ships found their way to this well protected bay. From the sea it is very hard to see the entrance to the bay. This is why nowadays there is a light house on both sides of the entrance to the bay.

Halkidiki Porto Koufo Beach

The submarines and pirate ships have gone from Porto Koufo and their place is now again occupied by yachts, fishing boats and sail boats. In the harbour of Porto Koufo you find places to eat, small shops, mini-markets and a number of small-scale accommodations. In comparison to the size of the village there is actually quite a large number of hotels and apartment buildings.

Halkidiki Porto Koufo Beach

In the vicinity of Porto Koufo there are several caves that you can go and explore and in front of the coast at about 20 meters depth there is an old Turkish pirate ship. Around Porto Koufo there are several small pebble beaches that can only be reached by boat, but the sea everywhere is quite steep, so they are not really suitable for families with small children. The beach of Porto Koufo itself is a long stretched narrow sandy beach. The nearest large sandy beach can be found a couple of kilometers north of Porto Koufo in a town called Toroni, of which Porto Koufo was the harbour in the ancient times. In that period it was called the “Deaf harbour” because the harbour was so well protected you couldn’t hear the sea.

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