Potamia village, located 10km south-east of Limenas, a few kilometres from Panagia. It was built on the slopes of Mount Ypsarion (the tallest mountain of Thassos) from where you will enjoy an excellent panoramic view.

Potamia is one of the most famous villages of Thassos surrounded by lush vegetation. The village is full of old houses with stoned walls and wooden roofs and two beautiful dominate the settlement.

Where to stay in Thassos Potamia?

Taverns, cafes, hotels and rooms for rent are available at Potamia. Two paths start from the village, one leading to the beaches below and the other, full of vegetation, leading to the mountain. The Vagis Museum (a Greek American artist) can also be visited.

Thassos Potamia Village

The village of Potamia is nestled in the foothills of the highest and most majestic mountain on the island of Thassos: Ipsarion (1,204 m.). The village got its name from the abundance of water that comes down from the mountain, especially during Winter and Spring.

Thassos Potamia Restaurants and Tavernas

This northern part of the island of Thassos receives more than twice the rain fall compared to southern parts of the island. The small rivers and streams formed by the surplus of groundwater gave the name to the village Potamia, “rivers”.

Things to do and see in Thassos Potamia

The people who live here are very warm and friendly, and they have extraordinary passion for their village and for the surrounding natural environment. The 1200 inhabitants, in addition to stunning views of the mountain which provide a natural shelter for the village, live in a fabulous environment of naturally lush vegetation. The physical environment is shaped by many springs and gurgling crystal clear waters. This creates small streams between the numerous mountain trails which are eminently suitable and very well organised for climbing and hiking.

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