Prinos village is the largest village of the western part of Thassos with a powerful economy due to the discovery of oil and the installation of oil rings in the sea near the village. It lies 15 km south west of Limenas, the capital of Thassos. It is a big village with a vast population and the commercial and cultural centre of the area. Plenty of restaurants, taverns, accommodations, cafes and bars can be found in Prinos. The village is also known for its natural beauty and picturesque characteristics. The main attraction is the monastery of Agios Panteleimonas dating back to 1853. There are rooms in case visitors want to spend the night.

Where to stay in Thassos Prinos?

Prinos Village is one of the largest villages in Thassos. It is located in the northwestern side of the island and its distance from Limenas is 16 kilometers. Its location is quite significant since it is in the middle of the route between Limenas and Limenaria. At the same spot, the local health centre is located.

Thassos Prinos Restaurants and Tavernas

The approximately 1800 residents, apart from tourism, are occupied professionally with agriculture since the expanse of Prinos is mostly full of olive trees. It is claimed that a lot of the olive groves are dating over 900 years.

Things to do and see in Thassos Prinos

In Prinos, olives, the extra virgin olive oil as well as the organic olive oil “Kardiofyllo” are the main part of the production. Of course we can’t avoid mentioning the production of the exceptional honey. These comestibles are generated and packed in appropriate ad hoc installations of olive oil presses and in apicultural and agricultural co-ups.
All the aforementioned products can be purchased at the local market which takes place every Monday at Prinos.


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