Rhodes holidays in Greece at Monolithos village: Lies 73 km south west of Rhodes Town amidst lush hills and olive tree groves. Visitors can walk for a couple of km to reach the beautiful 15th century Venetian castle of Monolithos, built by the Knights on top of a rock.

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Stone built houses and picturesque alleys compose the charming atmosphere of Monolithos. The view from the fortress is absolutely breathtaking while inside there is a lovely single-aisled church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon.

The view from this spot is breathtaking and is worth climbing over the top. Inside this castle is a lovely single-aisled church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon. The picturesque cove at Fourni surrounded by pine-trees, golden sands and caves creates a magical scenery. From Monolithos you can also reach the beautiful villages of Siana, Apolakia and the Monastery of Skiadi.

Monolithos is a village located in a green natural site. The village has narrow alleys and lots of stairs. Accessible via a dirt road is the medieval castle of Monolithos, which is just outside the village, on top of large rocky mountain. The village of Monolithos owes its name to the rock, because “Mono Lithos” means single or only rock.

This castle was originally built by the Byzantines and later, around the year of 1476, the Knights of St. John expanded the castle. This castle was built to protect the whole southwestern part of Rhodes against pirate attacks. The castle of Monolithos was among the four strongest fortresses of Rhodes and has never been occupied.

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