Kefalonia holidays in Greece at Sami village: Sami is a beautiful holidays coastal town in Greece located 24 km east of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. The village reaches a population of 1000 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and fishing. Sami is the second largest port of Kefalonia after Argostoli and it serves daily trips to Patra, Ithaca and Italy. The modern village is built close to ancient Sami, one of the most important archeological discoveries of Kefalonia.

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Sami is a perfect destination for your summer holidays in Greece. The delightful waterfront, the wide paved streets and the Venetian buildings offer the village a unique charm and reflect the rich heritage of the island. The main coastal road consists of modern amenities, shops and lovely cafes overlooking the busy port. A number of restaurants are found nearby as well as pretty accommodation for all tastes and budgets.

Kefalonia Sami Village
Kefalonia is a Greek island in Ionian Sea. It is the largest of Ionian islands and the sixth largest Greek island.

Sami is surrounded by a dream landscape of verdurous imposing hills and stunning coves. Tourists arrive here with their private yachts to enjoy a unique diving and swimming experience at the green waters of Kefalonia. The village is home to some of the most interesting monasteries and sights in Kefalonia like the monastery of Agrilia, as well as beautiful caves (like Karavomylos and Dragati), some stunning underground lakes like the one at Melissani and Antisamos beach.

During summer, the municipality of Sami organises some interesting cultural events and local festivities, concerts and theatrical performances.

Sami is a beautiful coastal town located 9 km from Agia Efimia. It is the second largest port of Kefalonia after Argostoli, and it serves daily trips to Ithaca, and during the summer to Patras and Italy. It is centrally located, so it is a good base to stay in order to explore the island. Most of the best sightseeing is a very short distance (such as Myrtos beach, Karavomilos Lake, Melissani Lake, Drogarati Cave and Antisamos beach)

The modern village is built close to Ancient Sami, one of the most important archeological discoveries of Kefalonia (check the relevant post if you want to visit it, it offers great views and a great walking route). Visit as well, Agrilia Monastery built in the 18th century when the miraculous icon of Theotokos (Mother of God) was found by two shepherds and their maid in 1722.

Visit as well, the Roman baths, dated from the 3rd century BC and used till the 6th century AD, discovered in 1960 by B. Kallipolitis. They consists of six chambers some maintaining the mosaic floor, while there was a bathtub in the third one.

Weather for Kefalonia Sami Village

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