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Discover Restaurants, Taverns, Beaches with Magnificent Views: Here is Samos Island


Get ready to discover the beaches, villages, places to visit and the best hotels of Samos, one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

Samos island, which is very close to the coast of Turkey, large, magnificent nature is one of the Greek islands. Samos island is also a perfect base for quick getaways! For those who are in the mood for a quick trip, there is a daily ferry connection between Samos and Kusadasi in Turkey.

The island’s capital is Vathi, but a drive along the coastline will get you to many picturesque seaside villages, such as Kokkari, Pythagorion, Karlovassi, and Heraion. As for Samos beaches, they boast an exotic landscape. Tsamadou, Agios Konstantinos, Potokaki and Lemonakia are some of the top beaches in Samos. Thanks to its large size, Samos Greece has a wide variety of beaches, both secluded and organized! There are some naturist beaches, too.

Find out everything about your holidays in Samos on our travel guide! Samos is one of the Greek islands standing out for its stunning beaches and beautiful natural landscape. It is a great destination for holidays in nature!

Samos is not only one of the most popular, but also one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. This gem of the Eastern Aegean stands out for its lush green natural setting, quaint fishing villages, and stunning beaches. Given that Samos island sits very close to the Turkish coasts, there are daily ferries to Kusadasi in Turkey. What’s more, holidays in Samos is a great opportunity for island hopping to the nearby islands of Ikaria and Fourni.

The coastal line of Samos is fringed with many beautiful beaches, such as Tsamadou, Tsabou, Psili Ammos and Agios Konstantinos. If you manage to peel yourself away from the beautiful Samos beaches, you should go sightseeing. There are many archaeological monuments and sites from several historical periods all around the island. According to the myth, Samos was the island of the ancient Greek goddess Hera. That’s why locals constructed a large sanctuary, the Heraion, in her honor. Close to the Heraion, there’s the Tunnel of Eupalinus, which used to be the aqueduct of Ancient Samos and among the greatest technological achievements of its time.

For those who love exploration, there are even more places to discover in Samos. One of them is the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani above Pythagorion. There, you’ll find a mysterious cave church, where the holy icon of the Virgin Mary was allegedly found. Those who prefer trekking will be happy to know that many hiking paths are crossing the island!

History of Samos Island

During the Peloponnesian Wars, the island was taken by the Spartans. Then it came under the rule of the Romans, the Venetians, and the Genoese. In 1453, Samos came under the domination of the Turks, along with the rest of the North Eastern Aegean Islands. The inhabitants of the island played an important role during the Greek Revolution against the Turkish yoke, in the beginnings of the 1820s. But the Great Powers gave the island back to Turks in 1830, making it semi-autonomous and being ruled by a Christian prince. This period is called Hegemony and was characterized by an amelioration of the fortunes of the inhabitants and by tobacco trades. Samos was reunited to the rest of Greece in 1912, after the Balkan Wars. Now its economy is based on tourism, agriculture, and fishing.

Where is Samos island

Where is Samos island: Part of the North-Eastern Aegean Islands and is located in the southern part of the group, near the Turkish coast, from which it is separated by the narrow Mykale Straits (3 km wide).

More About Samos Greece

This is the most visited island of North-Eastern Aegean but keeps its beauty and attractiveness. The island is particularly green, with verdant mountains. Despite the catastrophic fires which burned an important part of the island a few years ago, Samos has kept enough of its forests and vegetation for still being impressive. With this greenery, idyllic beaches of pure white sand and crystalline waters are completing the lovely landscapes of the island.

Samos holiday has something for everyone: busy beach resorts and, in its hinterland, unspoiled villages and terrific mountain view. Apart from its beautiful landscapes and its traditional character, Samos is also known for its excellent wine which is made from the local Muscat grapes and is exported in all Greece and around the world. Due to the close distance with Turkey, daily tours to Kusadasi are arranged from Samos in the summer season.

Holidays in Samos are ideal for the wonderful nature, the impressive mountainous and verdant landscape and the plethora of interesting archaeological sites. In fact, during the last years, Samos is developing as a mountain climbing destination. All these form a particular atmosphere and charm all visitors who have the chance to visit this magical island.

Things to do in Samos island

Samos is a large island that has something for everyone: from large beach resorts to rustic villages, forests and interesting sightseeing. As Samos is an island with a long history, there are many sights that date from ancient times, such as the Sanctuary of Heraion and the Tunnel of Eupalinus. A very interesting sight to visit in Samos is also the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, located above Pythagorion. Apart from swimming in fantastic beaches and strolling around villages, Samos is a great place for hiking. Many hiking paths cross the green forests in the center of the island, leading to waterfalls and secluded coves.

Nightlife in Samos Island

Nights in Samos are spent in calmness and romance. There are many taverns around the island for a calm night out, enjoying a long dinner and delicious local wine. Actually, there are taverns almost in every spot of Samos and certainly in the most tourist places, like Vathy, Kokkari, Pythagorion, Heraion, and Karlovassi. There are also many cafeterias that turn into lounge bars in the evenings. These bars stay open until a bit after midnight. Few clubs also stay till the early hours.

Bars & Clubs in Samos

  1. Gregory’s Bar
  2. Corner Bar Pythagorio
  3. Iera Odos Art Cafe-Bar
  4. Boa Vista Cocktail Bar
  5. Cafe Del Mundo

What to do in Samos island

Although Samos is a family island, it also offers few chances for active holidays. Organized things to do in Samos include diving and windsurfing. Few diving centers have opened in Samos over the last years and offer diving trips to close reefs, old shipwrecks, and uninhabited islands.

The northern coasts of Samos island are also great for windsurfing, particularly the beaches of Kokkari and Tsamadou. Some windsurfing centers have even opened and rent equipment. The countryside of Samos is also great for hiking, as old footpaths lead to vineyard groves, old monasteries, waterfalls, mountainous villages, and caves. Climbing can also be practiced there.

Shopping in Samos

Most shops in Samos are concentrated in the main towns of the island, including Vathy, Karlovassi and Pythagorion. These three towns are the largest on the island and have all kind of shops in Samos: stores with clothes and shoes, bookstores, super markets, groceries and many others. There are also many souvenir shops in the main tourist spots in Samos and in various villages around the island.

Samos Sightseeing

  1. Pythagorion
  2. Monastery of Panagia Spiliani
  3. Heraion (Temple of Hera)
  4. Aqueduct of Eupalinos (Tunnel of Eupalinos)
  5. Samos Town
  6. Samos Archaeological Museum
  7. Mikro Seitani Beach
  8. Kokkari Village
  9. Mount Kerkis and Southern Samos
  10. Lemonakia Beach

Samos Beaches

Samos beaches are famous for their green environment and crystal water. Kokkari, Lemonakia, Mykali, and Tsamadou are among the most beautiful beaches in Samos Greece. Although some Samos beaches are organized and popular, yet they keep their picturesque ambiance. Many secluded bays can also be found for more privacy and some are frequented by naturists. You will find below a list of the best beaches in Samos island.

List of Beaches in Samos Island

  1. Tsamadou beach
  2. Potokaki beach
  3. Lemonakia beach
  4. Psili Ammos beach
  5. Mykali beach
  6. Posidonio beach
  7. Heraion beach
  8. Kokkari beach
  9. Karlovassi beach
  10. Kedros beach

Samos Map

Samos has superb gulfs and picturesque gulfs, with crystal waters and sandy beaches, perfect for swimming and relaxing. With the natural magnificence of the endless beaches will charm and surprise you, each more beautiful and next. Organized with sand or pebbles and greenery that down to the beach, they will enchant you.

Samos Villages

The island of Samos has an exceptional variety in villages. There are tourist villages along the coastline, while others are more laid back and traditional. Traveling across the island, visitors can not help but notice the ancient and Medieval structures that testify to the long history of Samos.

List of Villages in Samos Island

  1. Vathy
  2. Kokkari
  3. Karlovassi
  4. Pythagorion
  5. Marathokambos
  6. Manolates
  7. Mytilinii
  8. Mavratzei

Eat & Drink in Samos

As this is a tourist island that receives thousands of visitors every summer, there are many places to eat and drink all around Samos. The majority of restaurants and taverns are found in tourist places, including Kokkari, Pythagorion, Karlovassi, Vathy, and others. Many taverns are also found on the side of organized beaches and in the squares of mountainous villages.

Samos is not an island famous for its nightlife. Of course, there are many cafeterias and clubs on the island, but generally, it is not a place to go for long party nights. Most cafeterias, bars, and clubs in Samos are found in Vathy, Karlovassi, and Kokkari.

The Best Time to Visit Samos

Samos weather: Samos has a warm Mediterranean climate like the other islands of the North-Eastern Aegean. Few rainfalls are occurring during the hot summers and the mild winters. Strong north and north-west winds are blowing all year long and are keeping the temperatures in a maximum of 29°C during summer.

Average Air & Sea Temperature in Samos in °C

Samos weather by month.

Where to stay in Samos

Hotels in Samos are spread in various spots around the island. The most popular places on the northern side are Kokkari, Karlovassi, and Vathy, while on the southern side very nice places to stay are Pythagorion and Heraion. All these places have many tourist facilities, taverns, nice beaches, and Samos hotels. Frequent bus schedules connect them with other parts of the island, however, we suggest that you rent a car for a couple of days to explore Samos at your own pace.


Accommodation in Samos

You will find below our selection with the best hotels on Samos island!

Luxury hotels in Samos island

  1. Doryssa Seaside Resort | Booking.com |
  2. Holiday Home Kokari | Booking.com |
  3. Proteas Blu Resort | Booking.com |

Best hotels in Samos island

Before going to Samos, we recommend that you examine the places to stay and make a reservation from one of the best and budget-friendly hotels.

  1. SeaView Apartment & Studios | Booking.com |
  2. Samos Bay Hotel by Gagou Beach | Booking.com |
  3. Kalidon Panorama Hotel | Booking.com |
  4. Ino Village Hotel | Booking.com |
  5. Mirini Hotel | Booking.com |

How to get to Samos Island

Travel to Samos, Greece: Samos is a lovely island with beautiful beaches and a relaxing atmosphere! On this section, you will find out in which ways you can reach and explore this unique place!

Ferries to Samos

You can reach Samos from the port of Piraeus in Athens within a 12-hour trip. Samos is also connected with some other islands, including Syros, Mykonos, Ikaria, Fourni and Chios. From Vathi port, ferries depart on a daily basis for Kusadasi, a lovely region in Turkey.

how to get to samos island
Airport of Samos Island

Flights to Samos

Samos International Airport “Aristarchos” receives flights from Athens, Thessaloniki, Chios, Lemnos, Lesvos and Rhodes all year round. During summer, the airport receives charter flights from many European countries. The flight time from Athens or Thessaloniki to Samos is about 1 hour.

The airport is located about 4 km away from Pythagorion. Upon your arrival, you can use public transportation or a taxi for an easier and faster transfer.

Samos transportation

There are many ways to explore Samos, as a wide range of options is available in terms of local transportation. Choose the one that suites you best and enjoy your stay!

Public buses: Public transportation is the cheapest and most enjoyable way to get around Samos. Routes are carried out on a daily basis, so that you can reach almost every village and beach on Samos easily. The central bus stop is located in Chora.

Taxis and private transfers: Despite being a more expensive option, comparing to buses for instance, taxis are a much preferred choice, because of the convenience they provide. You can find many taxis in various central spots all over the island, such as the port and the airport. If you want to book a taxi, you can either call on one of the following numbers (22730 28404,697 8046 457).

Car and motorbike rentals: With a car or motorcycle, you can explore the island at your own pace and gain access to the most secluded spots! In case you don’t have your own vehicle, it is an excellent idea to rent a car for your sightseeing trips!

Organized Tours: There is no better way to explore a place than touring around it with the help of well-trained, experienced, local guides! Choose the tour that appeals to you the most, visit the most breathtaking spots of Samos and create wonderful memories that will last for a lifetime! Some of the most popular sights on the island are the Cave of Pythagoras, Heraion Sanctuary, Samiopoula island and the nearby coasts in Turkey.

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