Rhodes holidays in Greece at Siana village: Beautiful mountain settlement located 65 km south of Rhodes town. It is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Acramitis, the second highest mountain of the island, offering a breathtaking view to the surrounded areas. Locals have preserved the traditional layout and their customs.

The village is well known for the local products like honey which is served on top of ice creams or yoghurt combined it with fruits and nuts. Their local wine is famous for its strong taste and you can only find it in the traditional cafes of the village, along with some local delicacies.

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One among the two churches of Siana is Saint Panteleimon, a 19th century structure dominating the centre of the village. The streets of the village are full of tourist shops where the visitor can find a plethora of local products, from clothes to jewelry and carpets to wine and desserts.

Weather for Rhodes Siana Village

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