Platanias beach, Skiathos island: This long organized sandy beach is situated next to the beach of Kolios, the two bays forming the shape of a heart. Hotels and organized beach facilities are available here. On the beach is the little church of Agios Taxiarchis where a traditional fair is organised on the 26 of June.

Platanias is an ideal choice for families with a long sandy beach shelving gently into crystal clear waters. Nightlife is very relaxed with a selection of tavernas and restaurants. Ideal for those who wish to relax on superb beaches in a picturesque location.

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Fish market and Old port of Skiathos: Town The ‘Bourtzi‘ is situated here. It is a tiny peninsula in the harbour which used to be a Venetians citadel with remains of the 13th century wall and canons.

Skiathos Platanias Beach

Monastery of Evangelistria: has some amazing surroundings and is open for the public to visit. Evangelistra also has a small museum with various objects from its history. There is a bus that links the monastery and Chora several times a day.

The medieval capital Kastro: reached by one of the boat trips around the island, or by driving almost all the way and then walking. Don’t miss the Church of Christ and the old houses.

Alexandros Papadiamantis Museum: It is the house in which Alexandros Papadiamantis, one of the most important Greek authors of the past century, used to live. The 1st floor is preserved as the house of Alexandros Papadiamantis with its original furniture and objects of the time, whereas the ground floor is functioning as an exhibition room.

Weather for Skiathos Platanias Beach

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