Souda Beach Chania: Just 7 km from Chania Town in Crete, a lovely resort from where you can start short pleasant short excursions. The main beach of Souda is ideal for swimming with plenty of facilities available like Umbrellas and sunbeds and nice fish taverns in close distance.

Many tourist facilities are found in the wider region as it is quite popular with tourists and Greek travellers from every part of the world. This beach has a large and safe port that was used as a war base in the past.

Souda Beach – Crete Holidays

Souda Bay (or Suda Bay) is located in western Crete, 6 km east from the city of Chania and south of the Akrotiri peninsula.

The north coast within the Bay is prohibited to be approached by ships and boats, because is a military territory of the Greek and NATO naval bases.

At the southwestern part of the bay is located the port, which is the main passenger and commercial port of the prefecture of Chania and of the western Crete, since the early of 20th century when the old harbor of Chania stopped to be used as a port.

The Port of Souda

If you come in Chania by ferry, will be debarked at the port of Souda.

Port has year-round, direct ferry connections with the port of Piraeus, which is the main port for Athens, the capital of Greece.

During summer, besides the nightly schedule ferry, a daily ferry is being added, in order to serve the high demand during the season.

The ferry companies operating the route Piraeus (Athens) – Souda (Chania) may change from year to year.

Attractions Around Souda Bay

Suda Bay has always been a large natural harbor and a strategic point of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, through the centuries, whether for commercial or military purposes.

Therefore, most of the attractions located near Suda Bay, are directly related to the natural harbor.