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Enjoy Your Summer Holiday on the Most Beautiful Beaches of Thassos Island


Where to swim in Thassos island? Continue reading our article to discover the most beautiful beaches you must see on the island of Thassos.

Thassos Greece has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Greek islands. Thassos is literally the emerald island of the Northern Aegean Sea and the pride of Macedonia and Thrace, Greece. At about 10 miles from Kavala, boasting a total perimeter of about 93 km, Thassos offers a great number of magnificent beaches varying from popular, organized beaches like the famous Golden Beach and Paradise Beach, the sand-heaven Alyki Beach and the windsurfing hotspot Potos beach to secluded, almost private beaches like Saliara, Skala Marion or the pool-like Giola beach.

The Best Beaches in Thassos

It’s well known that Thassos offers more beaches than one can count. There is something for everyone, sandy and rocky, wild and urban, with shade and no shade… On Thassos, there’s no doubt that everybody can find a beach that satisfies all of their needs. We’re fans of sandy beaches, and in this article we will list the ones we like the most.

Map of Beaches in Thassos

Golden Beach

This is a long and impressive beach, with golden sand and crystalline waters. It is surrounded by dense vegetation reaching down to the sea.

Alyki Beach

This is one of the most beautiful and picturesque sites on Thassos. Two small white sand beaches, calm seas with soft sand in and out of the water.

Marble Beach

Marble beach (Saliara) is the best destination in Thassos for the first time. Arriving in beautiful Thassos there are many beaches that will stimulate our interest. All separate and all different. But undoubtedly there is a beach which is more loved than the others and is considered by most, locals or tourists as the most beautiful of Thassos. This beach is named Saliara or Marble Beach is as they used to call the tourist.

Paradise Beach

The beach is considered as one of the best swimming spots in Limenas because it resembles a tropical paradise. It is blessed with fine white sand and azure, shallow clear waters.

Metalia Beach

Metalia Beach, also known as Metallia Beach, is situated on the foot of a villa in Limenaria on Thassos Island. It is a sandy beach that is ideal for children, with pliable sands and a gradual descent into the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Metalia Beach is located approximately 39 km southwest of Limenas, the capital of Thassos. The name of the beach is attributed to an old mining factory of iron, which gives the ground a contrasting color due to the iron content.

Metalia Beach offers a picturesque setting, with a combination of sandy and pebbly shoreline. It is a great spot for swimming and sunbathing, and it is also a popular destination for photographers due to its beautiful surroundings. Additionally, Metalia Beach is known for its romantic atmosphere, making it a perfect place for couples to enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

If you are planning a visit to Thassos Island, Metalia Beach is definitely worth a visit for its serene beauty and tranquil ambiance.

Giola Lagoon

Giola is a rock formation that creates a natural pool where and people can swim in it. It is a very popular location among instagrammers.

Psili Ammos Beach

Thassos Beaches You Should See

If you are going to travel around the island by car, be sure to visit the beaches we will share below.

Aspas Beach

This is a small beach next to Skala Marion, on the western side of the island.

Makriamos Beach

Makriammos is the closest beach to Limenas and among the most picturesque sites on the island. It is organized and it usually gets popular in summer.

Potos Beach

Potos is among the busiest beach resorts of Thassos. It streches along a sandy beach and has many tourist facilities.

Pefkari Beach

This beach is next to Limenaria and gets quite popular. It has sea sports facilities, sun beds and umbrellas, fine sand and clear waters.

Skala Potamias Beach

This is a wonderful beach to relax on the soft sand. It is well organized and gets very popular in summer.

Skala Rachoni Beach

This is a long, sandy beach with beautiful ambience. Its closeness to Limenas make it a popular resort.

Skala Prinos Beach

Skala Prinou is the second largest port of Thassos and ferries from Kavala arrive there. Its long beach is a popular tourist resort.

Skala Kalirachi Beach

Skala Kallirachis is a scenic coastal settlement, located 22 km southwest of Limenas, the capital of Thassos. It has a small port where many fish boats moor in summer and create a romantic atmosphere. The beach is situated around a brilliant environment.

Astris Beach

Just a few kilometres from the village of Potos and 42 km south of Limenas is a tiny settlement called Astris. It has a beautiful sandy beach, which is also very steep and as a result, there are huge waves coming crashing to the shore.

Limenaria Beach

The beach of Limenaria is a popular tourist resort on Thassos. It is lined by family hotels, fish taverns and some watersports centres.

Skala Maries Beach

Skala Marries is a typical fishing village located 30 km south west of Limenas, the capital of Thassos. It is built next to the sea and it is a pole of attraction for many visitors. The beach is situated in a quiet and peaceful location, ideal to enjoy nature and hiking. It is surrounded by rocky cliffs covered with lush vegetation from both sides and exotic blue green waters.

Fourni Kamari Beach

Kamari is a charming coastal settlement located in the eastern part of Fourni, across the island of Agios Minas, the third largest and uninhabited island of the complex. Located 10 km northeast of the capital village, Kamari beach offers a great snorkeling experience because of its transparent and shallow waters.

Koinyra Beach

Koinyra is a lovely cove situated 19km southeast of Limenas, the capital of Thassos. The beach stretches for many meters covered with white sand. It has calm and light green waters, especially shallow for the little children. There are rocks in many parts of the beach where nudists used to visit.

Palio Limani Beach

This lovely beach is located right behind the old harbor of Limenas, notably known to the locals as Palio Limani, very close to the city centre of Limenas. The beach is a good alternative to swim if you don’t want to get far from the town and it usually gets crowded.

Papalimani Beach

This is one of the closest beaches in Limenas, found within a short walking distance from the city center. It is a small beach with clean waters. Papalimani is partly organized with few umbrellas and sundecks. The surrounding area is covered with vast plantation and high trees. Also, it offers some great distant views to the verdurous mountains.

Stelakis Beach

This is a small beach close to Limenaria, on the southern side of Thassos. It gets quite popular because the region is among the busiest spots on the island.

Thymonias Beach

Thymonia is a small agricultural spot located 33 km southwest of Limenas. Closeby, there is an excellent maiden beach with crystal clear water and verdurous environment covered with vast plantation and tall trees. The beach is quite popular due to the natural landscape and the peaceful surrounding.

Trypiti Beach

Trypiti is a beautiful beach with exotic waters and rich marine life. It is located far away from the main town, 35 km southwest of Limenas. It is well-organized with umbrellas and sundecks. It is situated close to large tourist complexes favoring the popularity of the beach.

Skala Sotiros Beach

Skala Sotiras beach is located 19 km south west of Limenas, the capital of Thassos, and 3 km from Skala Prinos. It is a peaceful beach with fine sand and shallow waters extends in front of the settlement.

Klisma Beach

This beautiful pebbled beach lies 22 km south west of Limenas, the capital of Thassos, near the beach resort of Skala Kalirachi (on the western coast of Thassos). It has crystal waters and some excellent taverns serving fresh fish.

Livadi Beach

Livadi beach is positioned directly underneath the convent Archangelou Michael. Livadi is a beautiful and calm beach located 35 km south of Limenas, the capital of Thassos. Livadi beach at Thassos is very popular amongst campers and backpackers as there are ample opportunities for day camping at the beach.

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