Thessaloniki Food Festival 2020, When and How to go this great food festival? SoulFood Thessaloniki’s creative team (Upnloud & Black Radio Berlin) presents the Street Food Festival of Thessaloniki in Thessaloniki’s New Town Hall.

A great gastronomy event for the city of Thessaloniki, which is hosted and held within the Thessaloniki Food Festival, organized by the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. If you travel to Thessaloniki, we advise that visit Ladadika region.

When is Thessaloniki Food Festival 2020

Year in 2020, the Thessaloniki Food Festival will start at 14-15-16-17 of May.

On Friday open from 4pm until 12pm, while on the weekend from 12am to 12pm, Thessaloniki tastes and enjoys the Thessaloniki Street Food Festival 2020!

“The idea of ​​creating the Thessaloniki Street Food Festival was born through our travels, our love for food and, of course, the history of Thessaloniki. Having each of us live in different cities around the world, we had the opportunity to visit, taste and work at Street Food Festivals. Inside our mind the gastronomic search is indissolubly linked to each and every journey. Strange tastes, old & new recipes, unknown combinations and materials, “the team said in a statement.

Thessaloniki Food Festival
Thessaloniki Food Festival, a child is eating his meal in Thessaloniki Streets.

“The history of Thessaloniki attracts us and shows us the right direction. A city “crossroads of people”, which in the past years has been a cult of multiculturalism, which has today preserved it in its “flavors”. Spices, flavors, raw materials and recipes from all over the world. From India to America, from European sweets to Asian Sushi


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