Sparkling with natural beauty and distinctive Cycladic colour, Antiparos island combines diverse elements that justify its fame as the secret holiday paradise of the Aegean.

Greece Holidays in Antiparos Island

Antiparos Island Map

Saint George Beach in Antiparos Island

Thanks to being a small island surrounded by much bigger islands, Antiparos isn’t very crowded. Even so places like Saint George Beach are popular among both locals and natives because it’s a lovely beach.

Saint George Beach in Antiparos

Fanari Beach

Fanari is another amazing beach on this small island. In this case, it’s much more secluded and quite. You can lie down under the shade of the trees after coming out of the water to relax.

Fanari Beach in Antiparos Island

Soros Beach

Soros Beach is popular for the beach bar and restaurant that is on it. Also for its super soft sand and clear waters. If you end up on this beach, make sure to try to comfortable beach beds!

Soros Beach in Antiparos Island

Church of Agios Nikolaos

Located near the port of the island, the church welcomes travelers and introduces them to the Greek culture of white and blue buildings. It stands out and is beautiful even from up close.

Church of Agios Nikolaos in Antiparos Island

Cycladic Art Museum

Cyclades have a long history and some of it can be found documented in the Cycladic Art Museum which can be found in Antiparos. The exhibits are well preserved and very interesting!

Cycladic Art Museum in Antiparos Island

Venetian Castle

We say Castle, or Kastro in Greece, but very little remains of it today. Some of its walls and couple of its gate reveal what used to be a Venetian Castle on the island.

Venetian Castle in Antiparos Island

Despotiko Island

Despotiko is a tiny uninhabited island near Antiparos. It’s popular for its crystal clear amazing waters. To reach it you need a boat but once there, you’ll have the perfect spot to dive!

Despotiko Island in Antiparos Island

Cave of Antiparos

The Cave of Antiparos is the most popular tourist attraction in the island. Not only is the cave big and deep but it’s also well organised with lights and steps allowing you to navigate it easily and see all its natural beauty clearly.

Cave of Antiparos in Antiparos Island

Antiparos Old Town

Just like with most Greek islands, the old town of the island is one of the most charming areas. The blue and white buildings, the port with the small boats, and the beautiful bay make it an unforgettable location.

Antiparos Old Town in Antiparos Island

Antiparos Landscape

Finally, here’s a location that is not very specific but definitely deserves being number 1. That is the natural landscape of the island. With views such as the one seen in the picture above, it’s difficult to choose only one. No matter where you look, you’ll see unsurpassed natural beauty and lovely crystal clear waters.

Antiparos Island Landscape


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