Greece Holidays around Halkidiki Afitos (Athitos) Village. The small seaside village of Afytos is located 46 km south of Poligiros, the capital of Halkidiki, on the northern side of the Kassandra peninsula.

Afitos or Athitos is a traditional village in Kassandra Halkidiki which is located 83 km away from Thessaloniki.

It is known as a traditional village with great vibes and beautiful paved alleys. You should definitely visit the ruins of the Ancient Afytos in the wider region as well as a folklore museum. Also there are many remarkable churches around the village and the amazing springs of Moudounou and Vrysitsa. Afytos village was a flourishing city-state in the ancient times and had even minted its own coin, with the depiction of Ammonas Zeus on the one side, whose 4th century temple still lays in the area, and a taurus on the other.

Afitos Village, Halkidiki

Furthermore, Afytos village contributed a lot to the Greek War of Independence, counting many war victims among its residents. The special architectural feature of Afytos is that its houses are stone-built and have an inscription on it, which usually indicates the date of their construction and teh name of their owner. Among the buildings of the village, there stands the church of Agios Dimitrios, constructed in 1859 in the central square and having a wooden roof with a dome.

Halkidiki Afitos Village

The tranquility of Afytos and the nearby beautiful beach make it popular in summer. That is why this small village of Kassandra peninsula is so well-developed in terms of tourism. Its facilities include a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms to let, as well as a good number of restaurants, taverns and cafes, most of which provide great views to the Toronaios Gulf. The beach of Afytos is long and sandy and its waters are crystal clear, surrounded by verdant hills.

The village has a long history as there is evidence of settlements from 3000 BC. Afitos which was known as Afitios flourished as member of the Athenian Alliance. In 348 BC was destroyed by King Phillip II and was reoccupied later. During the Roman Period experienced a second major development probably due to the monument of Ammon Zeus.

Halkidiki Afitos Village

During the summer months Afitos is “flooded” by tourists. Award winning restaurants, traditional tavernas, café and bars are waiting to offer you unforgettable moments during your stay in Halkidiki. We would highly suggest you and afternoon stroll through the streets of Afitos discovering every corner, a romantic dinner in the restaurant “Sousourada and Sgouros Skantzoxiros” or a refreshing cocktail in the popular Bar Bousoulas which is perched on a hill overlooking the sea. You are not allowed to enter the historic center of the village by car so you will have to park it on adjacent streets. If you find yourself in the village on August 15th don’t miss the feast of Holy Mary, a traditional feast with Greek music, dancing and food. However throughout July and August take place artistic events within the Afitos Festival.

The sandy beach of Afitos extends in a long way and there are several beach bars which can offer sunbeds. Inside the sea there are a few places where there are stones and the water deepens abruptly.

Halkidiki Afitos Hotels

Afitos is just 3km away from cosmopolitan Kallithea with its lively nightlife and is a good choice for your stay as in a short distance are located the beaches of Sani and Nea Fokaia. In Afitos there are luxury hotels and budget rooms as well where you can stay during your holidays in Halkidiki. We would suggest Afitis Boutique Hotel which is located by the sea.

Afitos or Athitou Festival

Somewhere between July and August every year this Festival takes place in Afitos in Halkidiki. Visitors come to admire many events of street art, traditional greek music bands and dance groups but also classical and modern music concerts. In Afitos you can also enjoy the best greek cuisinesince in the are you are able to find many of the best restaurants in Halkidki. Sousourada and Sgouros Skantzoxoiros is one of our favourite.

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