Architectural Monuments in Greece

Mediaeval cities and traditional villages, white houses bleached by the sun and formidable castles. A tour of Mediterranean architecture and history. The whitewashed villages of the Aegean islands, sole interpreters of spare, minimalist Cycladic architecture. Heroic ancient acropolises and mediaeval castles. Byzantine fortified towns with restored palaces and churches, World Heritage Monuments.

When you travel to Greece, get acquainted with architectural masterpieces studied internationally for their plasticity, measure and for the way they express human need and ingenuity since earliest times.

The 10 most important architectural monuments in Greece

1. The Hores: The Hores – main towns – of the Aegean, where you’ll encounter the epitome of simplicity. The spare architecture of the Cyclades, renowned internationally for its plasticity and restraint, is perhaps the most iconic. But there are gems to be found throughout the Aegean: Mykonos, with its wave-bashed Little Venice and alleyways outlined in white; Serifos, with its sugar-cube houses below the castle; or Naxos where a maze of white houses surrounds the citadel with its towers and mansions. Right down to Patmos and the Monastery of St John the Theologian, a Unesco World Monument.

2. The Mediaeval City of Rhodes: It is considered one of the best preserved of its kind in the world and it, too, is included on Unesco’s list of World Heritage Sites.

3. The Old Town Of Corfu: The Old and New Fort, the Liston and the Spianada, impressive mansions and neoclassical buildings. Ιn June of 2007 the whole city was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

4. Mystras: This stunning 13th-century Byzantine fortress state, ‘the wonder of the Morea’, with its restored palace and churches, near Sparta, is listed in Unesco’s catalogue of World Heritage Sites.

5. Mani: Stone, stone and more stone, the architecture of Mani and its imposing tower houses are guaranteed to impress.

6. Monemvasia: A mediaeval settlement without equal in the Mediterranean. A castle city out of a fairy tale.

7. Nafplion: One of Greece’s most beautiful towns, with both Venetian and neoclassical features.

8. The Villages of Pelion: Stone walls and slate roofs nestled in the mountain’s lush greenery. Pelion’s architecture is a model for other rural settlements. Don’t miss: Makrinitsa, Zagora, Tsangarada, Kissos, Vizitsa, Milies.

9. Ioannina: The city on the lake boasts a castle, mosques and the acropolis of Its Kale. It was declared a listed settlement in 1981.

10. The Zagoria Villages of Epirus: Chiselled stone, flagstones, stone arches: the villages of the central Zagoria district are a paean to tradition, poetry in stone. The region’s bridges, too, are masterpieces.