Tripiti Beach, Chania: One of the most secluded beaches in Crete island, Tripiti is located close to the tourist village of Sougia and at the end of Tripiti Gorge. Accessed on foot, by boat or through a track road, this beach is not organized and no tourist facilities in close distance.

About 70 km south of Chania Town, this beach is worth a visit for its unspoilt beauty and crystalline waters. It is one of the places that is much preferred by the nature lovers. The closest facilities and accommodation are found in Sougia, Paleochora and Agia Roumeli. Tripiti has soft sand and clean water. The surrounding nature is wild and provides the perfect setting for total privacy.

Tripiti Beach, Sfakia – Crete Holidays

Tripiti Beach, Sfakia Crete

The beach of Tripiti is located 5km east of Sougia and 68km south of Chania, at the ending point of the rough gorge of Trypiti. It has crystal blue water and is pebbly. It is absolutely secluded, as all the beaches of the wider Sfakia area. Access to Tripiti is possible either by boat or by walking in a difficult path from Sougia (three hours). The vertical cliffs near the beach provide natural shade.

Tripiti Beach, Sfakia Crete

Tripiti is believed to be the site of the ancient town Pikilasos with the protected natural harbor. The port has been converted to a reef with incredible formations after some geological changes during the 4th AD century. Inscriptions have been discovered in the area, revealing the existence of a temple dedicated to Serapis (Greco-Egyptian god of antiquity). Moreover, archaeologists have discovered several tombs, carved in the rocks.

Tripiti Beach, Sfakia Crete

On the beach there is a cistern with water, a goat pen and the picturesque church of Agios Nikolaos. If you are in the area on July 19, you can take part in the celebration of the Prophet Elijah, that celebrates on July 20. The pilgrims arrive by boat in the afternoon on the beach of Trypiti and then walk in the path leading to the chapel of Prophet Elijah, 400 meters above sea level. They spend the night there with food and traditional Cretan songs and leave on the next day. If you walk 500m eastwards, you’ll meet the nice pebbly beach of Sendoni, used by beekeepers


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