Varvara Waterfalls Halkidiki: Many people support that Halkidiki is a place which combines everything. It is a comprehensive destination for everyone mainly during the summer, but its a good choice throught the year too. For example, in Arnaia, near the mountainous and small village of Varvara and Olympiada, and particularly in the area Kipouristra – Neropriono , you will meet two incredible waterfalls hidden in the dense vegetation and nature.

Greece Holidays around Varvara Waterfalls Halkidiki

One waterfall is visible from above, the other not.If you want to admire this landscape, you must follow the road that connects Varvara Waterfalls and Olympiada. When you pass the area “Pente Vrises” (Krasoneri) you will see a sign leading you to your destination via a dirt road that requires attention. You cant reach the waterfalls with your car, so you should leave it in a specially designated car park which is located nearby. From there ,you will walk through the beautiful countryside for 5 to 10 minutes. There are wooden bridges which will help you to enjoy as much as possible this excursion in nature.

Halkidiki Varvara Waterfalls

The destination is an ideal holiday suggestion for families but also for anyone else who wants to calm and to find a perfectly natural landscape totally different from the usual destinations. Also, it must be ideal for nature lovers and walkers.The forest flora mainly includes Itami, alder, ash, beech and wild hazels.

If you get there, you can visit the village of Varvara where you will be excited with its friendly people, and the traditional and unspoiled architecture which includes cobbled, alleys and old churches. Also, in recent years the historical village center has been remodeling. Do not forget to taste traditional candies, noodles and trachana prepared by the women of the village.

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