Vryses village Chania: About 30 km south east of Chania Town, Vryses is a lovely village with running springs and lush greenery that consists mostly of plane trees, the kind of trees that need a lot of water to grow up. Vryses is famous for its taverns-cafeterias next to the running water and for the dairy products. It is close to many other villages and beautiful beaches.

Vryses is a Village in Kryonerida in Chania in the Crete Region of Greece. Vryses is also a Town hall and a Municipal district. The village is located 32 km from the center of Chania. The permanent population is mainly occupied in citrus growing and oil production.

On the very characteristic hill with the two peaks, one of which is called Kastellos and the other Agios Georgios, of Vrises, which dominates the area as a natural citadel, the most important archaeological find of the region has been discovered. Archaeological investigations at the village have demonstrated that there is continuous human presence since the Neolithic period (6000 to 3000 BC). The ancient settlement that was brought to light dates from the Late Period (16th century BC) and some of its wonderful findings are hosted and exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

At the beautiful square of Vryses, visitors have the chance not only to find two traditional coffee shops that can also offer you traditional meze, but also to see the church of St. Nicholas, built before 1900.

The designation of the village, which means water fountains, is obviously related to the fact that there were many of the in the region during the past. Nowadays, these water fountains are drained. However, this has not negatively affected the lush vegetation of the region.