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Where is Bozcaada in Turkey

Bozcaada is in Çanakkale province, Turkey. Located near Geyikli, the third largest island of Turkey and also one of two islands belonging to it.

Bozcaada is one of the cutest islands you can see in Turkey. So where is Bozcaada, how to get there, where to stay?

Located north of the Aegean Sea, an island of Bozcaada in Çanakkale, (Tenedos in Greek) Turkey‘s third largest island. The island is 37-6 square kilometers in size, has 12 coves and 12 headland. There are 17 small islands around the island.

Where is Bozcaada in Europe Map

Where is Bozcaada
Where is Bozcaada in Europe Map

Where is Bozcaada on Map of Turkey

Located near Canakkale, Bozcaada is the third largest island of Turkey and also one of two islands belonging to Turkey in the Aegean Sea. The rocky cliffs along its coast make Bozcaada high and rocky island, but still there are many small coves with sand covered beaches. Bozcaada, a formerly-Greek (Tenedos) now Turkish island and a favorite summer retreat for Istanbullus.

Where is Bozcaada in Turkey
Where is Bozcaada in Turkey

Bozcaada is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate and has a very low moisture content. Although the population of the island is 2276 in official records, the population of the island with the tourists coming in summer can be 10,000.

How to Get There

Ferryboat transportation to Bozcaada Island is available throughout the day. The only mainland location with a ferry connection which can accommodate cars to island is Geyikli Yukyeri Port.

Also passenger only fast ferry service is available direct from Canakkale to Bozcaada.

How to get to Bozcaada
Travel ways to Bozcaada

Things to See and Do

The island is a perfect resort for those looking for quiet coves, old Greek houses, and calm and peaceful holiday in setting full up with historical ruins. In the island, restaurants are available in the harbour and at Ayazma Beach. Homemade wine is a wonferful accompaniments to the myriad varieties of seafood. The dreamy island of Bozcaada, regardless of its small size, has always played an important role in history due to its strategic location at the entrance of the Dardanelles. Bozcaada is called Tenedos in ancient times and mentioned in Iliad of Homer.

Below you can easily find the list of things to do and see on the Bozcaada map that we shared with you. Vineyards in island, wineries, wind energy facility, Alaybey Mosque, Kimisis Teadoku Greek Orthodox Church, Goztepe, Habbele, Camlik picnic area, Namazgah Fountain, lovely houses of the islands, Bozcaada Native History Research Institute, Tuz Cape, Koprulu Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Ayazma Marina, Mermer Cape and Polente Lighthouse are essential places must be seen certainly.

Accommodation in Bozcaada

Where to stay in Bozcaada: For you to have a perfect holiday in Bozcaada, we share with you the most affordable and best accommodation options and the list of recommended Bozcaada hotels.

The 10 best hotels & places to stay in Bozcaada

  1. Ela Tenedos Hotel – Adults Only
  2. Ada Bacchus Hotel
  3. Bertiz Bozcaada Hotel and Restaurant
  4. Bozcaada Ersin Konak Butik Otel
  5. Bozcaada Hotel Vitis
  6. Elit Butik Otel
  7. Akarsu Kalyopi Otel
  8. Helvacioglu Butik Otel
  9. Oyku Butik Otel
  10. Alaybey Ada Evi

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