Isn’t it time to explore Greece? Greece vacation destinations, while planning for this summer vacation, 40 places to visit in Greece we share with you in this article as a guide for you. Ready for your Greece trip? It’s time to unpack your suitcase! Known for its ancient ruins, whitewashed white houses, sun-heated sea shores, traditional Greek cuisine and a hospitable atmosphere, Greece is not a surprise as it is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. Isn’t that proof that Greece welcomes millions of visitors every year? Hundreds of Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionian Sea are lined up like a pearl and waiting for your summer vacation. Who doesn’t want to swim by seeing the bottom of the sea? After resting in the morning on a beautiful beach, in a Greek tavern in the evening, it is not hard to reach the end of the day by fun with to the rhythm of Greek music!

There is no way you can visit to Greece once and discover all the beauties. If you come once, you will want to come again. For this reason, the number of tourists increases every year in Greece. Would you like to explore Kefalonia or Corfu in the Ionian Sea, Mykonos, Santorini, Kos and Rhodes in the Aegean Sea or Crete, the largest island in Greece?

Where To Go in Greece

Quick Tips about Where to go in Greece

  • Greece is the best travelling location in Europe.
  • Every single Greek Island are one of a kind, superb, and worth visiting. In any case, my top picks (particularly for beginners) are Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, and Crete.
  • In the event that you can just go to one island, at that point visit Crete or Santorini (they have the most to see and do). On the off chance that you can just go to two, at that point visit Santorini and Naxos (exceptionally simple to get between) or Santorini and Mykonos (both have universal air terminals making visiting from western Europe simple).
  • Best Greek Island for Honeymoon and Couples: Santorini
  • Best Greek Island for Families with kids: Naxos and Thassos.
  • Best Greek Islands for Nightlife: Mykonos • IosRhodes • Santorini • Paros
  • Best Greek Islands for Beaches: Thassos • Mykonos • Naxos • Paros • Ios • Crete
  • Best Greek Islands for Food: Naxos • Santorini • Crete • Karpathos
  • Best Greek Islands for Hiking: Naxos • Santorini • Crete • Sifnos
  • Athens merits a couple of entire long periods of touring. However, from that point forward, get yourself to an island. There are some incredible visits in Athens that ought not be missed and the vast majority of the Best Hotels in Athens are halfway found and near the fundamental vacationer sights.

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Greece Travel Guide

The important point to planning a travel route for Greece is to fly in and out of different cities and make sure that there are ferries that are arranged directly and daily between all your destinations. After setting these basic plans, the rest is easy because there is no really bad itinerary for Greece. Every Greek island is worth a visit. From April to October, there are regular ferries from Heraklion to Santorini – from Ios to Naxos to Paros – from Mykonos to Athens – the best islands to Greece. Although Greece is a small country with a population of 11 million and coastline length of 13.667 km, it is a popular Aegean and Mediterranean summer holiday paradise. For this reason, Greece holiday places are quite popular. Every part of the country offers a separate travel experience. You can reach many resorts of the country, especially the Greek islands, by plane and ferry. As a country that earns most of its annual income from tourism, it has made solid investments in the transportation network. In 2018, more than 33 million people visited Greece for touristic purposes. It should also be noted that this figure does not include business travelers or transit passengers.

The 40 Best Places To Visit in Greece

If you think that there are more than 500 blue flag beaches in Greece, we won’t be able to fit all the resorts on one page. Turquoise waters, sea holidays, archaeological sites and cultural vacation with the mystery of mythology, nature tours with mountains and magnificent rivers, thermal lakes and health and spa holidays for honeymoon couples can not count without mentioning dozens of Greek island holidays. What kind of holiday destination do you want in Greece?

Alongside the staggering Greek Islands, probably the best places to visit in Greece are the nation’s astounding authentic destinations. Greece is the origin of popular government and furthermore the support of Western civilisation. With its blend of striking excellence and history, Greece is without a doubt one of the top goals to visit.

Greece Map - Regions
Greece Map – Regions

Where to Go in Greece: Ionian Islands


Kefalonia Assos Village
Assos village, Kefalonia

You must have seen this magnificent Greek island from the postcards. You cannot finish the tour of Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian islands, in a few days. There are countries smaller than this island’s area, remember! Kefalonia is really a very delicate island, it does not lose its traditional features and continues to live on the contrary. Here you can taste the most delicious fresh Greek food to your stomach. Also the beaches of Kefalonia are a complete paradise, don’t forget to charge your phone, you will take lots of photos. Dont you know how to get to Kefalonia. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Kefalonia, book your hotel room.


Lefkada Porto Katsiki Beach
Lefkada Porto Katsiki Beach

There is no way you can’t hear the island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea. There must be a realistic reason for the nickname of the Caribbean island of Greece. In summer, it is one of the Greek islands that attract tourists with its turquoise sea color. You can rent a car in Lefkada, one of the most important holiday destinations of Greece, which hosts many celebrities from Europe and you can go anywhere you want and discover hidden paradises. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Lefkada, book your hotel room.


Kapsali Bay, Kythira island, Greece
Kapsali Bay, Kythira island, Greece

Kythira is a wonderful Greek island located on the south side of the Peloponnese. Although Kythira is seen as a part of the Ion archipelago, it is actually quite far from the others. It is located just below the Peloponnese Peninsula. You know, when we retire, we have dreams of going away, and Kythira is the place of your dreams. The Greek government is waiting for new guests to increase the island’s population. People who willingly settle on the island attaches a monthly salary and gives land. Now you’re wondering, aren’t you? Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Kythira, book your hotel room.


Panoramic view of Corfu Old Town, Greece
Panoramic view of Corfu Old Town, Greece

The island of Corfu is situated on the Italian side of Greece. In fact, part of the island of Corfu, with a view of Albania, overlooks the town of Igoumenitsa in Greece. Rich history, magnificent beaches, greek cuisine will enchant you with the island. It is ambitious in terms of size among Greek islands. Corfu is the 7th largest island in Greece. As you know, the largest island is Crete. Going to the island of Corfu is easy, don’t overlook it, but since the island is large, we recommend renting a car. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Corfu, book your hotel room.


The Navagio beach in Zakynthos, Greece
The Navagio beach (Shipwreck) in Zakynthos, Greece

We are sure that you have seen the above photo at least 5 times in your life. Navagio on the island of Zakynthos, also known as Shipwreck, has its name spread all over the world with its turquoise sea, magnificent nature and abandoned ships on the beach. If you ask me, Zakynthos is the second Santorini in Greece. The only differences is that Santorini is a volcanic Greek island. On this island, you can relax and have a beach holiday, and in the evenings, you can enjoy the nightlife. It is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Zakynthos, book your hotel room.

Where to Go in Greece: Cyclades Islands


Donkeys Tour in Santorini
Donkeys Tour in Santorini

Santorini is located in the south of the Aegean Sea, where celebrities buy houses and host hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, we love you! This beautiful Greek island did not exist in the 7th century BC. It was given to Greece by God after a great volcanic energy exploded under the sea. Curious about the Santorini caldera? You can explore this island by staying in budget-friendly hotels. Santorini is not an unattainable and very expensive island, there are also affordable accommodation options.

Stop by in the town of Oia on Santorini, take great pictures, make sure it’s one of the best Greece holiday destinations you should ever see. Is your suitcase ready? Don’t forget to book early. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Santorini, book your hotel room.


Mykonos Hotel Prices, Deals and Recommendations
Windmill in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the world’s most famous islands in the Cyclades group, with its magnificent beaches and nightlife. Although it is advertised as a gay island on many websites, it is actually a bad marketing tactic just to make its name known. Yes, this island is visited by more gay than other places, but no one does not bother anyone. Let us first say that it is one of the most suitable islands for a family holiday. Where we were? Yes, Ibiza of Greece. That name is right. Mykonos is one of the must see places before you die. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Mykonos, book your hotel room.


Old bridge, Chora, Andros, Greece
Old bridge, Chora, Andros, Greece

Located in the Cyclades region of Greece, Andros is one of the closest Cyclades islands (a few hours by ferry) to Athens. It is one of the Greek islands that are curious about its proximity to Greece’s capital, due to its easy access between Greece’s resorts. The island has no airport, easiest way to reach Andros, first you should fly to Athens. After the port of Rafina going to ride the ship from there. There is almost no traffic between the airport and Rafina, it takes 20 min (25Eur) by taxi. There are also buses leaving the area every half hour (5Eur); no night bus. What else is there, traditional Greek cuisine and music and even the beaches will appeal to you. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Andros, book your hotel room.


Panoramic view Syros island, Greece
Panoramic view Syros island, Greece

Syros is the tiny pearl of the Aegean Sea. Syros is adjacent to Mykonos, Santorini and Paros. It is a wonder island among its prominent brothers. Although his name is not heard much, this island arouses curiosity like the people who stand next to celebrities and take photos. But with a twist, the island of Siros has a personality that you can admire as a result of this curiosity. It is preferred by families with children with its beautiful and windless beaches. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Syros, book your hotel room.


Milos Island, Greece
Milos Island, Greece

With its rich history, fishing villages, turquoise sea and Milos Island, is a cycling jewel in the ageless Aegean Sea. If you visit, you will stop by Sarakiniko. What does the turquoise sea mean? This place will teach you that. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Milos, book your hotel room.


Faragas Beach, Paros
Faragas Beach, Paros

You’ll find the perfect mix of traditional Cycladic design, fun nightlife, mystical Paros beaches, charming towns on this Greek island, combining today’s traditions with the most exceptional way. On this island, you can relax in a quiet place or unwind in the heart of the entertainment. Have fun like crazy, you deserve it! Paros Island will give you exactly what you need! Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Paros, book your hotel room. This is one of the popular Greek islands.


Apollonas Village, Naxos island
Naxos Apollonas Village

Although it is misunderstood in general, Naxos is one of the most fascinating locations in Greece, unlike the neighboring Cycladic islands! Due to its magnificent historical background, the Venetians and the French lived here, its general structure made it popular. Naxos is actually fading history, so you share it! Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Naxos, book your hotel room.


Ancient Delos in Greece
Ancient Delos in Greece

If you are interested in history and archeology, the island of Delos is waiting for you! This beautiful Greek island, right next to its famous brother Mykonos, will take you on a journey to the old world. It is just 10 km from Mykonos. It is said that Apollo and Artemis lived here. You’re curious, aren’t you? Those who grew up with Conan and Xena movie as a child knew this well. Greek mythology arouses curiosity … Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Delos, book your hotel room.

Where to Go in Greece: Dodecanese Islands

12 islands in the Aegean Sea, which remained under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for centuries, are waiting to be discovered. Even though Greece has these beautiful Greek names where your ancestor has lived for years, they are also honored to share these beauties with you. Which are the twelve islands:

  1. Astypalaia
  2. Halki
  3. Kalymnos
  4. Karpathos
  5. Kasos
  6. Kos
  7. Leros
  8. Nisyros
  9. Patmos
  10. Rhodes
  11. Symi
  12. Tilos


Saint George Beach, Kastellorizo, Greece
Saint George Beach, Kastellorizo, Greece

Kastellorizo (Megisti, Meis), a 6-hour journey from Rhodes to the east by ship, you reach this extraordinary and strange Greek island. Indeed, Rhodes is located just 90 km away and 3 km east from the coast of Turkey. You can easily reach the island of Kastellorizo by passenger boats departing from Kaş (Turkey), Antalya. Kastellorizo, a small island, has limited accommodation options, so don’t miss the early booking opportunities on the island of Megisti book your hotel room.


Rhodes Kallithea Beach
Rhodes Kallithea Beach

Rhodes, also known as the island of knights, has a very rich history. Suleiman the Magnificent, in the second year of his reign, seized Rhodes and the islands connected to it and has left many very beautiful buildings. Mandraki Harbor, Archaeological Museum, Palace of the Grand Masters, Knights Avenue, Hippocrates Tree, Temple of Apollo, Ladiko and Anthony Quinn Bays, Mandomata (Nudist Beach), Butterfly Valley, Lindos Bay are the best places to visit in Rhodes. This amazing place is a popular Greek island, so don’t miss the early booking opportunities on the island of Rhodes to book advantageous rates, book your hotel room.


Mavra Volia Beach, Chios island, Greece
Mavra Volia Beach, Chios island, Greece

Chios boasts dazzling beaches and is particularly famous for its medieval towns. For example traditional towns such as Pyrgi and Olympi, attract attention with their complex engineering and strong structures. Chios is a lovely Greek Island, 40 minutes away by ferry, just across Izmir’s Cesme (Turkey) district. Chios is as Europeans call Hora is the fifth largest island in Greece. Chios is one of the places to visit with its unique architecture, many medieval villages, stone houses, virgin bays and famous gum trees. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Chios, book your hotel room.


Island of Patmos, Greece
Patmos Island, Dodecanese, Greece

The island of Patmos, known as the “island of the end of the world“, has another extraterrestrial character. Patmos is indeed one of the most beautiful islands of the Dodecanese. Being a powerful attraction center, it takes its architectural beauty, its beaches and its importance for the Orthodox world. According to the legend to date, the Gospel of John (St John), one of the four Gospels, is written here. Therefore, the monastery in Chora is an important pilgrimage center for dark Christians; even for this reason, music entertainment was not allowed on the island until the 70s. Now, at the end of August, a well-known religious music festival is held. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Patmos, book your hotel room.


Symi island, Dodecanese, Greece
Symi island, Dodecanese, Greece

Symi island Greece, one of the wonders of the dodecanese! With its neoclassical mansions painted in color, Symi is like a cake, with the white painted borders on the sides of the houses come with cream, dont yo want to taste it :). It is 8 kilometers from Datça (Turkey) and 6 kilometers from Bozburun (Turkey). Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Symi, book your hotel room.


Karpathos Finiki Village
Finiki Village, Karpathos, Greece

The most difficult island to reach is Karpathos compared in other Dodecanese islands. But it is such a beautiful Greek island that you will never regret going. Karpathos is a typical Greek island, with spectacular beaches, some of which can only be reached by boat, with its long coastline and unusual houses. Beaches of Karpathos are actually world famous, the island is not popular due to distance, so if you spend your holiday here you will feel rested. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Karpathos, book your hotel room.


Kos, Dodecanese, Greece
Kos, Dodecanese, Greece

Kos Island is one of the most visited Greek islands by the Turks first. The Greek island of Kos is located just across from the island resort of Bodrum Akyarlar (Turkey) has only a distance of 3-4 km in Turkey. The island where Hippocrates was born, lived for many years and applied different health methods, is one of the most welcoming places in Greece. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Kos, book your hotel room.

Where to Go in Greece: Thrace


Karnagio Beach in Thassos
Thassos Karnagio Beach

Thassos is a Greek island that flaunts an unbelievable characteristic setting. Thassos island is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea and sits extremely near the banks of the Greek terrain. Thassos Greece makes an incredible goal for family occasions and loosening up get-aways. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Thassos, book your hotel room.


Street and Cafes in Alexandroupoli, Greece
Street and Cafes in Alexandroupoli, Greece

With its vital position, a junction of sea and land courses, Alexandroupolis associates Europe and Asia, East toward the West. This excellent ocean side city, whose trademark is a Lighthouse, shapes the focal point of a really captivating district. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Alexandroupolis, book your hotel room.

Where to Go in Greece: Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands are an archipelago located in the Gulf of Saron, just south of Greece. The main islands of these islands are Salamis, Aegina, Angistri and Poros.


Hydra, Saronic island, Greece
Hydra, Saronic island, Greece

Hydra, one of the most multinational Greek islands, is situated in the core of the Argo Saronic Gulf. One of the fundamental reasons why Hydra is a mainstream goal is its closeness to Athens, as a ship from Athens to Hydra, will get you to the excellent island in only 2 hours. The island of Hydra can be reached by a sea bus departing from the port of Piraeus in Athens and from the ports of Porto Heli and Ermioni on the Peloponnese peninsula to the south. The journey takes about 2 hours from Piraeus port and 45 min from Porto Heli and Ermioni ports. There is a direct metro line from Athens Airport to Piraeus.

Also you should know that Leonard Cohen, in the age of 26 who bought a Greek house in Hydra for 1500 USD. If you a fan of him, visit his house in Hydra. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Hydra, book your hotel room.


Aegina, Saronic island, Greece
Aegina, Saronic island, Greece

The island of Aegina does not have an impressive architecture such as the Spetses, Hydra, or Poros islands, and you might even call it “what kind of island” on your first impression. But when we think of the Greek island, Santorini, such as blue domes, turquoise chairs, beautiful balconies, beautiful white houses with flowers, although not very customary images for Aegina, but you will realize that you have come to a real Greek island. This island is famous for its peanut production. Peanut heaven, you can’t get enough of it! If you come to Athens and want to see a Greek island, you will come here. Here is the island of Aegina, a very close island where you can go from Athens in just 45 minutes, a big island where you can enjoy the full day. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Aegina, book your hotel room.

Where to Go in Greece: Crete

Found οn the southern side of the Aegean Sea, Crete is the biggest island in Greece. Its excellence, however, is much greater than its size! Give us a chance to paint the scene: Just envision exciting normal magnificence meeting rich culture and worldwide acclaimed gastronomy, to make the most marvelous occasion heaven!

Also Chania, Heraklion and Rethymno, probably the greatest towns in Crete, which brag a wonderful vintage design. Truly, meandering around their warren of sentimental rear entryways will make you feel as though you’ve gone back in time! Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Crete, book your hotel room.


History of Spinalonga Island
Spinalonga Island, Greece

Who wants to die alone? Think! This article is a little sad, a little loneliness. Its all about island of Spinalonga in Crete called Leper Island. Isnt it harrowing? In spite of its long and turbulent history, today Spinalonga is mainly known as the Leper Island. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities on the island of Spinalonga, book your hotel room.

Where to Go in Greece: Mainland Greece


Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki, Greece

Great soldier, statesman, strong and the smartest Turk. Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, where Atatürk was born and lived in his childhood. In 316 BC, King Kassandros of Macedonia named his wife Therman Thessaloniki, who was also the sister of Alexander the Great, to the city. Places to visit in Thessaloniki do not stop counting. Aya Dimitros Cathedral, which was built in the 4th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Atatürk House Museum where Atatürk was born in 1881; Kastra, the Byzantine castle walls of Thessaloniki’s main square Aristotle Square is among the main sights. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Thessaloniki, book your hotel room.


Voidokilia beach, Messinia, Greece
Voidokilia beach, Messinia, Greece

Messinia is among Greece‘s resorts, just a two-hour drive from Athens. You will find great olive forests, green valleys, mountains, crevices and similar natural wonders here. Kalamata olive oil is very famous, you can taste it with bread. If you like it on, you can cheer your stomach with a nice Greek wine. Messinia is waiting for you if you want to be alone with nature, with its beautiful sea and beaches and not to be separated from Greek cuisine in the evenings. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Messinia, book your hotel room.


Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Athens … a magnificent capital city with 3000 years of history. The largest city in Greece. The hometown of philosophers who host millions of visitors a year.

When you come to Athens from a bigger city like İstanbul or London, you will be surprised – Athens is a capital city but its not too big. Make your stay in Athens an average of 2 or 3 nights. Although it is a small city, it is not enough for you to visit all of Athens for 3 nights and see its beauties.

Ermou Street, Athens Flea Market, Anafiotika, National Park, Plaka, Kolonaki, Parliament Building, Acropolis Museum, Monastiraki Square and of course the Acropolis are the famous places in Athens. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Athens, book your hotel room.

Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion, Athens
The Ancient Greek temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, Athens

Cape Sounion is located at the southern end of the Attica Peninsula of Greece, 69 km southeast of Athens. Cape Sounion is the name given to the temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology. The ruins are on the hill surrounded by three sides by the sea. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Sounio, book your hotel room.


Zagori, located in Epirus region. It is a region that attracts attention with its stone houses, Greek architecture and bridges. Located on the border of Vikos – Aoos National Park. Entering the Guinness World Records as the world’s deepest canyon, Vikos – Aoos National Park and even an UNESCO natural heritage list is a natural wonder. Zagori, which has its own villages known as Epirus or Epirus, welcomes thousands of nature-loving tourists every year due to its magnificent nature and the possibility of outdoor sports. Pindos Mountain is also located in this region. With an area of approximately 2,000 square kilometers, Pindos is known as the largest national park in Greece. The park, which covers some parts of Metsovo and Konitsa, and the western region of the Zagori and Grevena District, offers a unique combination of natural wildlife and traditional villages. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Zagori, book your hotel room.


Delphi with ruins of the Temple in Greece
Delphi with ruins of the Temple in Greece

In the past, Delphi was known as the center of the world. I think it was when the world was thought to be flat. Delphi is an archaeological site on the slope of Mount Parnasos, 2,440 meters high in northern Greece. Parna means house – space during the Hittite period. Delphi, with the Temple of Apollo is a place famous for its reputation. Greece is perhaps the most famous historical and mythological area among the resorts. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Delphi, book your hotel room.


Meteora, Greece
Meteora, Greece

Just as Meteora shows in the photos, Greece has come out of fairy tales. Different monks who came here a thousand years ago broke away from the real world and created an interesting world. Nowadays, parts of the series Game of Thrones, watched all over the world, were shot here. So this place is quite extraordinary. Far away from metropolises, they say ‘easy to rest on the mountain‘. The point where the real and the surreal are separated is the rocky and fascinating Meteora formation of Greece next to us. If you are planning a trip to Greece and you have enough time to see a few cities, you should add Meteora as a must-see. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities near Meteora, book your hotel room.


Portokali Orange Beach, Halkidiki
A panoramic view of Portokali (Orange) Beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece with a tourist ship. Its original name is Kavourotripes.

Halkidiki is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Greece. On the map of Greece, 3 peninsulas in the form of 3 fingers on the right-hand side of Thessaloniki are Halkidiki. The first on the left has Kassandra, Sithonia in the middle and Agion Oros on the right. Agion Oros is known for its nature and religious territory. You can only enter the religious field with special permission and you probably won’t get this permission, even with the permission, women are never allowed. Sithonia is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Kassandra is the most developed in terms of settlement. Luxury activities such as night clubs, golf courses are offered here. Kassandra is a bit of an expensive neighborhood, so we recommend you to spend your holiday in the middle of Sithonia. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Halkidiki, book your hotel room.

Mount Athos

Docheiariou Monastery
The Docheiariou monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery at the monastic state of Mount Athos in Greece. It was founded in the 10th century.

Mount Athos or the Holy Mountain on the far right peninsula of Halkidiki is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a self-representing part of the Greek State, ruled by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Istanbul. Mount Athos consists of 20 Orthodox monasteries and is called the Holy Mountain Autonomous Monastery State instead. Women are not allowed here! Why is Athos in Greece banned for women? Rumor has it that when the Virgin Mary wanted to go to Cyprus, she came to Mount Athos because her ship had gone off the way. He loved the island so much that he prayed for his son and asked that the island be left to him. Jesus Christ, his son, accepted it. Mount Athos is still called “the garden of God’s mother” today. Therefore, it is believed that only the Virgin Mary should represent the female genus on the island. Although it is not possible to get in, Greece is one of the places to visit among the resorts. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities near Athos, book your hotel room.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus, Greece
Distant view of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain of Greece

Mount Olympus, located in Greece, is located between Thessaly and Central Macedonia in the north, with a height of 2917 meters. Mount Olympos has 52 separate peaks, peaks covered with snow during November and May. In Greek mythology, Olympos, the place of Zeus, the king of the gods, is said to be the home of 12 great gods of Greek mythology, except Zeus. There is an Olympus mount too which is located in Antalya province of Turkey, effected from this mountain of the same name was given. In fact, the original is the one found in Greece. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities near Olympus, book your hotel room.

Where to Go in Greece: Peloponnese

Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal, Peleponnese
Corinth Canal, Greece

Corinth Canal is the name that connects the Saronic Gulf and Corinthian Gulf and separates the Peloponnese from the mainland of Greece. The total length of the channel is 6.4 km. Its width is 21.4 meters. Since the width of the channel is small, vessels up to 17 meters wide can pass through the channel. During World War II, when the Nazis withdrew from Greece in 1944, they damaged the canal greatly and remained closed for 4 years. Since the channel is narrow, it handles one-way traffic. That is, only one way of ship passage is allowed at any time. Since the sea levels at the two ends of Corinth are the same, there are no divisions in the canal, such as the Panama and Suez Canal, and it is made up of one piece, like a tunnel. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities near Corinth, book your hotel room.


Monemvasia, Hidden Gem, Greece
Monemvasia is a town and a municipality in Laconia, Greece. The town is located on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese.

Monemvasia, it is a medieval village surrounded by walls on the edge of a large rock in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula at the southern of Greece. After crossing the new residential area, which obviously does not have an impressive side, you reach the castle walls of Movemvasia, the old town, thanks to a piled road connected with the land. At this point Monemvasia is actually an island! After the severe earthquake in 375, he left the mainland and later in the early 70s, this pile road was restored to make life easier. Hundreds of restored or still untouched houses are waiting for you when you enter the walls.… Monemvasia is one of the best places that you have to visit. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities near Monemvasia, book your hotel room.


Mycenae, Greece
Mycenae, Greece

Mycenae is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece. It is located in the Argolis region, between Argos and Nafplion. It is located in northwest Peloponnese, 90 km southwest of Athens; Argos is located 11 km south, and Corinth is 48 km north. Mycenae, a prosperous city in ancient times, took its name from the Mycenaean people who developed from 1,600 to 900 BC. Mycenae was the place where the great Lord Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War, lived. With its rich history and experience, Mycenae is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities near Mycenae, book your hotel room.


Nafplio, Greece
Nafplio, Greece

Nafplion is the first capital city of Greece. It is built on the peninsula surrounded by the Gulf of Argolis, and consists of new parts extending to the north of this peninsula. Obviously there is not much things to see in the new town but the old town is quite ideal to spend a day or two. Nafplion was once a French and Byzantine city. In 1540, the Ottoman Empire began to rule. The name has been changed to “New Town of Peloponnese” and has appointed a manager. In 1685, the Venetians conquered the city and declared the capital of the kingdom of Peloponnese. While you feel as you are in a small Italian town and walking in the narrow and public streets of Nafplion, you can suddenly see an Ottoman fountain, a little further ahead is a magnificent neo-classical Greek design. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities in Nafplion, book your hotel room.


Ancient theater Epidaurus, Greece
Ancient theater Epidaurus or Epidavros, Argolida, Peloponnese, Greece

Epidaurus is one of the most well known archeological locales in Greece. Situated on the north eastern side of Peloponnese, in the district of Argolis, Epidaurus Greece is for the most part acclaimed for its Ancient Theater. This performance center was developed in the late fourth century BC to have strict stylized occasions to pay tribute to god Asclepius, whose recuperating focus was found barely any means away. Renowned for its evenness and the unfathomable acoustics, this old style theater is encompassed by lavish greenery and gives pleasant view to the valley underneath. In summer, it has exhibitions of antiquated Greek show. Numerous every day visits withdraw from Athens to Epidaurus and different spots of Argolis. Guests can likewise appreciate singular occasions in Epidaurus, in the nearby town. Don’t miss out on early booking opportunities near Epidaurus, book your hotel room.


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